The Fabled Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Would It Truly Be Worth It?

Game Podunker DanCurtis writes, "2005 is the year most likely to blame for the furious speculation, internet-based arguments and wonderings that have been flying around cyberspace for seemingly forever now. This was of course the year when Square Enix decided to tease everybody by re-creating the original cinematic sequence for Final Fantasy 7 in glorious high definition for the PS3. It was a move that would cause a huge stir in gamers, with seemingly everybody under the sun (and probably the moon also) quietly whispering about the possibility that Final Fantasy 7 could be remade in spectacular PS3 glory. It didn't happen though, and five years later the rumour mill continues to generate rumours. The will they/won't they debate is constantly raging. People seem to want to see Final Fantasy 7 Version 2..."

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Unknow_Master2742d ago

+better story
+better character
+music is better imagine remaster with full orchestra(if nobuo uematsu make it)
+kefka is really evil

+first in 3d
+soundtrack is a bit better
+one wing angel soundtrack
-sephiroth, emo mofo he only burn a village and menacing people to destroy earth with a comet. but didnt want to do it. so hes not really evil.
-story is weird
-spoiler: sephiroth is really stupid for killing aerith/aeris. why you want revenge cause humain kill your race but you kill someone in the same race has is wrong with you.

rebirthofcaos2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I agree with you, they should do ff6 then ff7, but in any case wada is destroying SE so it may never happen.

Swiftfox2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

OK I am tired of this. Square Enix used the opening cinematic from Final Fantasy 7 to show case what they could do with the PS3 because it showed a full contrast.

Final Fantasy 7 was the first of the Final Fantasy's not only on the Playstation but was Squares first real step into 3D worlds as a whole. By showing the opening to Final Fantasy 7 on the PS3 they could show just how far they have come in tech as well as show what they could achieve with the PS3.

People are in love the the concept and the possibility of what a remake may be but they don't seem to look at the whole picture. First off Squaresoft is gone and as such most of the brilliant minds of Final Fantasy 7 are no longer there. Second, SquareEnix is now in charge. In an attempt to appeal to every human on the planet they would rip apart the game and cater to the fan boys in there incessant nagging and closet shrines to Tifa's striking cleavage.

Everything that made the game special removed for one reason or the other. In it's place a horrible bastardization of what Square Enix thinks will appeal to the masses but actually will steam role over the fans of the game like a heaping manure truck with Wada in the drivers seat.

Lets not forget all the horrible spin-offs and such they would try to make work in the original not unlike George "frachisemurder" Lucas. Genisus was the larges plot hole I have ever seen next to Count Duku.

Honestly we should all play Final Fantasy 7 again and when Sephiroth stabs that insufferable red-head through the plot point we should stand and give a cheer to the fact that she died before she could see what Final Fantasy 7 has become.

To simulate the experience of a remake why not just in fact load that game of Final Fantasy 7 up and immediately start punching yourself in the face until the game gets so blurry that you can't even tell what the hell you are playing. You're Welcome.

/end rant.

richierich2742d ago

I think a FF7 remake would be the only way SquareEnix would get back their popularity


only if dont right. i think they would mess it up tho buy changing battle system ect.

anyway the first remake sort of thing is 10 n 12 hd collection as was sort of let slipp by sony man when talking about backwards compatibility

Rage_S902740d ago

this is why square is failing surely their most popular and requested final fantasy deserves a remake and yet they want to make ff13-2 thats pure retardation do they have no common sense?


they need to employ one of us gamers as director of common sense. they seem to have developed the big company syndrome where they forget about there fans and chase money blindly without realising its the fans they had that make them cash.

ACEMANWISE2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I've waited a long time for a remake. Then they released a "sequel" in the form of a DVD. I waited even longer with endless responses from Square that they will not do it.

Years go by and Square starts wrecking things to the point I don't recognize their brand anymore. They basically dump their fanbase and target the mass market by changing Final Fantasy XIII AND going multiplatform. Then they make the 360 version noticeably inferior anyway thus negating the change in the 1st place. They jumped ship which eliminated the Playstation/Square brand image.

Then they go back to Playstation to try and recover their fans by announcing Final Fantasy vs. Then they flood their own market by announcing a 3rd title within two years of the other two with Final Fantasy XIV online. Yet they do all this after being absent almost half of the console generation when the PS3 had literally no RPGs to play. Oh, and during this time the PS3 had FFXIII listed as an exclusive since before launch day.

Now, if I added these all up into one package I can comfortably say that Square just might be trying to kill off their company on purpose. Why? Everything they have done now defies everything they used to do. Not only that they have made the opposite decision despite plain as day reasons to go the other way. In my opinion, I think Square started their mistake by making Final Fantasy XI online only and not releasing one for the single player fans who have played their games through ten straight sequels. The 10th being released in 2001 and the 12th being released in 2006. That's 5 years where gamers who didn't want an online experience had to wait for the next installment. Then they release 13 in 2010.

All I know is Square sold millions upon millions of their game during each sequel and it was because they had a great balance of core and casual audiences. I don't know why they needed to go out of their way to eliminate their core audience in order to appeal to the masses. It wasn't like they were broke with what they had built up the past 20 years. All they had to do was release a full version of the Final Fantasy VII demo for PS3 during it's infancy and it would have sold just as many as the FFXIII if not more.

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