Metroid Prime 3 Outsells BioShock - Over 400,000 Copies

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption bests former overall sales leader BioShock in its first week of release, becoming the week's single best-selling software title across all platforms in the United States. With few major Wii releases on the horizon, Corruption's place atop the chart is likely to remain uncontested over the next several weeks as well. Positive buzz from upcoming titles like My Sims and Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party could bring a reshuffling of chart positions in the near future, however.

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paracardium4068d ago

lol I didn't know this game was 3 discs..I know some of you don't mind swapping discs but to me that seems like inferior/old technolgy.

Evil0Angel4068d ago Show
Mario184068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Last time I checked Blue Dragon isn't a good game.

BulletToothtony4068d ago

wow evil, you got real issues... you get like this for a game.?? wow!

just because the wii it's an inferior console and you're upset cause you bought one, there's no need to be telling others to suck you,

unless that's how you fix your issues around where you live

Lex Luthor4068d ago

Last time i checked Bluray hasn't made a great game

Mario184068d ago

Last 1,000,000 times I checked, Microsoft hasn't made a reliable console.

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stunt2134068d ago

This game rocks i bought this game on release day and im having so much fun with it. I never been a big fan of Metroid Prime series but this game and Super Mario Galaxy was the reason i bough wii.

djt234068d ago

you was right i check it out

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Evil0Angel4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

i am waiting for this game over here

reaperxciv4068d ago

3 disagrees, but the truth is the DS is killing the psp, the wii just passed the 360 and is kicking the ps3... so much for the most advanced console in the world today

Infernus4067d ago

Just because the Wii has sold the most doesn't negate the PS3 as the most powerful console. The Wii has sold loads because it's cheap and is seen to the casual audience as a trendy gadget.

By all means the sales don't make the Wii the best console around. because technically it definately isn't, but it makes it look that way. Look past the sales figures and look at what you get for your money, then look back a few years and you'll see that even the N64 can beat the Wii graphically on some games. For example, Crusin' the Wii title of the series looks really bad, I'm not just saying it has bad bits here and there, the N64 and Wii titles look identical which is a sign that the Wii is holding tech back rather than propelling it into this new generation.

I have no problem with the DS, it's great and deserves its top spot.

As for the game outselling Bioshock, does this mean Bioshock is worse than Corruption? No of course not.

It's the showing of a single game for a console compared to a variety from the competitors. Metroid 3 will sell tons for a while and when it gets old the Wii will have a new title to keep the fans happy but there'll be a long wait for a game that hasn't got the familiar Nintendo family characters painted all over it. Show me a good future Wii title that hasn't got the same characters from the past in it then I may consider the Wii being a better console.

Currently the Wii is just offering recycled crap, sorry if that sounds harsh but that's what's been admitted by many dev teams (not in those exact words obviously lol), they have admitted that they can pump out cheap games for the Wii and make easy money even though the titles aren't very good. It's the truth, Nintendo will get very rich and claim to have won the next-gen 'war' even though the offerings are everything other than next gen...

Stella4068d ago

Overrated, overhyped. The game is almost too painful to even play after all the bullshit from the developers bragging about how edgy and innovative they are.

jay34068d ago

Watch how the fanboys immediately dismiss any game that's better than they're games as overrated. The fanboy is an amazing creature, they're incredibly high IQ enables them to change reality to what they please. In their minds at least.

We'll be right back to "Fanboys with Downs" after the break. Only on The Discovery Channel.

Texas GMR4068d ago

Ooh, it's because you can't use the sixaxis to control your character.

The game is a very good game. You say it's overhyped, what games have you played lately that are better than it? Hmmm, now think you two. If you put your two brains together you might be able to think of one.

P.S. Good job Ninty.

Scrooge4068d ago

Bioshock is an awesome game, I feel no need to defend it, it stands its own ground, Not overrated. I want a wii and I'm glad metroid is doing so well. If it's a good game it deserves success. F{}ck the fanboys!

HarryEtTubMan4068d ago

Bioshock IS UBBEERR overrated... I have it, have beaten it, was a cool game but sure as hell don't feel like playing it over again...and to think this game received 10's.... FREAKIN' HILARIOUS

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bung tickler4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

is it just me or wasnt this "news" about rpgs killing the 360 before?

TriggerHappy4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Yeah you right, it was about the review on Blue Dragon but everyone was complaining so I changed it.

A disagree again ? *Sighs* oh well.

beans4068d ago

Does anybody know the oversales for Bioshock and the overall sales for Metroid Prime 3?

tplarkin74068d ago

The article from "Teh Gamr" (the source) doesn't state MP3's sales numbers. So, how can they claim it outsold Bioshock? Don't worry, NPD will solve this next month and report real numbers.