Ten Tips For The Black Ops Zombie Noobs

Having trouble with Black Ops zombie mode? Struggling to make it past level 10? Well look no further, We Got This Covered gives you ten golden tips on how to make it past those devilish zombies

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CountDracula2557d ago

They forgot to add the tip for pressing the mute button on the tv since Kennedy's corny jokes really distract you.

im-12-years-old2557d ago

I find them hilarious, but then again I am 12 and I don't know what this is.

scar202558d ago

Don't be an a****** and take your partners kills find a window and stick to it,if someone does that to me if they get downed i leave them to die they don't want to listen yet,when they're in trouble they call for help.

im-12-years-old2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Good teamwork you greedy bitch

TheHip142558d ago

I honestly suck at Zombies, never been past level 8 haha

avroth162558d ago

wow thanks a lot man
really helped me out
nice post

Doctorofreality2558d ago

Agreed, i tried camping at the lift. works like a treat.

TheHip142558d ago

I think Zombies was easier on WaW

beavis4play2557d ago

i like WaW zombie maps der riese and verruckt better. and yea, they're much harder i think.

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The story is too old to be commented.