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Ten Tips For The Black Ops Zombie Noobs

Having trouble with Black Ops zombie mode? Struggling to make it past level 10? Well look no further, We Got This Covered gives you ten golden tips on how to make it past those devilish zombies (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Xbox 360)

Hayabusaman  +   1719d ago
Nice job on this post
CountDracula  +   1719d ago
They forgot to add the tip for pressing the mute button on the tv since Kennedy's corny jokes really distract you.
im-12-years-old  +   1719d ago
I find them hilarious, but then again I am 12 and I don't know what this is.
scar20  +   1719d ago
Don't be an a****** and take your partners kills find a window and stick to it,if someone does that to me if they get downed i leave them to die they don't want to listen yet,when they're in trouble they call for help.
im-12-years-old  +   1719d ago
Good teamwork you greedy bitch
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TheHip14  +   1719d ago
I honestly suck at Zombies, never been past level 8 haha
avroth16  +   1719d ago
wow thanks a lot man
really helped me out
nice post
Doctorofreality  +   1719d ago
Agreed, i tried camping at the lift. works like a treat.
TheHip14  +   1719d ago
I think Zombies was easier on WaW
beavis4play  +   1718d ago
i like WaW zombie maps der riese and verruckt better. and yea, they're much harder i think.
Doctorofreality  +   1719d ago
Lol i felt like a right idiot reading that. Some of the tips seem so obvious now..fk i should really ge a mic..

so far lvl 9 is best.
TheHip14  +   1719d ago
ya a mic is a must
Doctorofreality  +   1719d ago
Lol reccomend good mic? I want long life an workable audio quality. NOt fussed about how comfy it is..i can cope.
im-12-years-old  +   1719d ago
If it's for the ps3 then get the official Bluetooth one from sony or wait until the slimmer version comes out
thegreatest7884  +   1719d ago
I've never liked zombies so I won't need these, but from what I hear, awful lot of idiots out there could use this
TheHip14  +   1719d ago
never liked zombies? seriously? lol
GCO Gamer  +   1719d ago
Here is the prefect tip; don't get killed.
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RaymondM  +   1719d ago
haha spot on with your paper man. Spot on
Calm Down Sunshine  +   1719d ago
Don't crawlers die after a certain amount of time in Black Ops?
Safer to just leave 1 perfectly healthy, complete, zombie running around chasing your friend whilst you play with the box.

Also for the first few waves it's better to let all the zombies in, don't kill them whilst they're outside the room/at the windows.

There's usually a few helpful 2x point items to be grabbed.

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