Report: Gamers don't mind advertising

A survey conducted by GameSpot UK in conjunction with the Internet Advertising Bureau has found that surprisingly, 73 percent of respondents did not have a negative opinion of in-game advertising. 3,575 UK-based gamers completed the survey, which was advertised on the site between June 20 and July 11, of which around half had seen in-game advertising in the past 12 months.

40 percent said they thought in-game advertising added realism, and around a third admitted that they didn't notice it. However, 14 percent thought that in-game ads spoiled the gaming experience.

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bung tickler4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

in certain games, where its done right and it adds to the realism, i don't mind it. like if it was a game like GTA4 and you were walking down the street and you see a pepsi add on a billboard and it looks like it should be there, that would be fine.... however there is a lots of really BAD cheap advertising out there... EA I'M LOOKING AT YOU...

nirwanda4122d ago

I'm looking at you with your in your face burger king ads

stunt2134122d ago

i dont mind advertising at all

schabeugen044122d ago

i agree i dont care for the most part about in game advertising., just if its outta place then it gets annoying like a moutain dew code red add in a WWII too shooter or some other rediculous example.

OFF topic but whatever happened to trickstyle a futuridtic hoverboard game on Dreamcast?

BranWheatKillah4122d ago

I have to call shenanigans on a report like this. I think that if people were approached correctly with the question that more people would say they would approve of advertising if it brought the price of games down, as it rightly should.

If you advertise to me and are making money from it I shouldn't have to pay full price for your game.

Rooftrellen4122d ago

I don't mind advertising that looks like it should be there. Ads in some games just fit. I wouldn't mind slightly more obvious advertising if it took the price of a game down, as it should.

It should.

But let's face it, companies want to make as much money as possible. If you're going to go buy a game for $60, you will even if it has some obvious advertising in it, most likely, so they'll sell it for the same price and get the money for putting the ad into the game.

I think it depends on how the advertising is added into the game for how much of a price drop we'd need to see to find it acceptable. If I'm playing a game, and I'm racing down a street, and I see a billboard for Coke and a Walmart at the side of the road, that fits.

If the other people are racing giant cans for different soft drinks, I would need a price cut for that, and a major one at that. You couldn't just pocket the money for that.

Vertius4122d ago

I'm completely fine with in-game advertising, especially if it avoids the end user having to pay a subscription to play the game.

Bullseye4122d ago

You WILL live to regret it.

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The story is too old to be commented.