Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer analysis: Guns can fire through walls and more

Gamersmint: Square Enix just dropped a new gameplay trailer for Deus Ex: Human revolution and it reveals quiet a bit of about game’s gameplay mechanics and UI. Gamersmint does a full analysis about what new info is actually revealed in the trailer and why you should be expecting good things from the game next year.

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ArcFatalix2714d ago

they might pull this off

MariaHelFutura2714d ago

Deus Ex Trailer Analysis - That was F**KING AMAZING.

Transhumanist GOTY 2011.

cyborg2714d ago

that would have made for a much better title. I seriously am getting excited about this, the more I see of it, the more my concerns are being put to rest

MariaHelFutura2714d ago

These guys know what`s up, I`ve never really had any doubts about this one.

gameseveryday2714d ago

I am really digging the UI, looks neat and has tons of features at the same time

prongs1232714d ago

sticking to the formula that made the original a rage, square enix will make this one an even bigger rage!