Kaz Hirai on why tricky PS3 development is a good thing

As some game developers reportedly continue to struggle working with PS3, comments made by Sony Computer Entertainment's president, Kaz Hirai, in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine suggest that the Sony boss is happy that developing for the machine is proving to be a headache for some coders.

Hirai commented that gamers would have quite a wait before they could really experience the benefit of PS3's envelope pushing techno-gubbins: "The power that we've packed into PS3 will really manifest itself in software titles that come up four, five or six years down the line."

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CNIVEK4068d ago

way to cop-out on the fact that you have the worst dev tools, and dev support, of any hardware manufacturer EVER. Most devs concur that MS is king in this department; Sony should be trying to copy what they they have LIVE...rather than ignore the problems.

mighty_douche4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

making something easier to develop for generally reduces its potential, go read some info from valve, they stated that the orange box is using around 93-94% of the xbox power! that leaves you 6% more power to last the next 5 years.... good luck on even keeping your console functioning that long....

bung tickler4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

@mighty_douche - if i wanted to i could make a program that uses 99-100% of the 360's resources, it would be an unoptimized never ending loop on all three cores that doesn't do anything but fill the system memory and toss garbage on the screen, that doesn't mean that's the best that the 360 can do, this mystery guy from valve, i say mystery because i don't believe a name was ever given and this comment was posted on a sony fanboy site so IF this guy is real, even he said "at our current optimization" meaning their code could still be further optimized, thus using less system resources thus allowing for more to be done on the same system.... poor troll/fanboy YOU are sir.

Real Gambler4068d ago

Sony has been improving it's dev tools regularly, if not almost monthly. For dev support, how about sending people straight to the third party developper as they did for many of them... Hard to do better.

So you can easily improve dev tools and dev support. On the other side, it does seem hard to improve the hardware after it's been released, since even July 2007 release of the Xbox still gives red ring of death:

So, let me see... On one side you have a problem that is improving constantly, and on the other side, you have a problem that doesn't seem to go away...

Looking at the games coming out as we speak, I'll take "hard to develop for" over "don't push it, you'll get a red ring of death" problem.

Have you seen how many report of red ring came out since Bioshock was released? May have been "easy" to develop, but it's pretty hard on the hardware.

sak5004068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )


I use cpuidle for cooling my cpu and in taskmanager it shows 100% usage. Its a 54k prog and my mighty dual core overclocked 3.4ghz cpu is being utilized 100% by it. Although all it does it send a wait state call every milli sec (AFAIK) to the processor when its not in use so processor keeps cool. Yeah and i agree with bloody that if the code is not optimized then u can use up 100% of the power and churn out turds like lair etc. If you give someone a paint brush and tell him to paint the hull of an oil tanker you'd think he'd love to spend so much time doing it?

Jeremy Gerard4068d ago

What Kaz was actually saying is, " we can't actually live up to all that B.S. we fed you about 4D and being superior to every other console at launch, so just to buy us some time and sell more units, I will make another empty promise of you actually getting your moneys worth in 5 years. I know you moron Sony followers will beleev and wait."

Skynetone4068d ago

i think MS are sliping him some money on the side

in four are five years down the road there wont be one working xbox 360

sloth4urluv4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Think I finally understand the meaning of that sony rubiks cube commercial.

If more difficult to program for is better, then maybe they should start writing games for my TI-83 calculator.
Maybe throw in some sudoku puzzles into the compiler to make things even more difficult devs, the games would be super awsome then...

I understand what hes trying to say (that it means that games will look better down the road) but making a system thats potentialy powerfull but difficult to program for is in no way a good idea.

Complexity to program for increases dev cost, increases production time, takes focus away from other important elements in the game with the final result of increased production cost, and decrease in the amount of games released.
Thats not good for either the devs or the consumers.

tplarkin74067d ago

The fake interview where Gabe Newel was falsely quoted has been debunked. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a 3 year old game wouldn't max out the 360. (Particularly since Gears looks far better than HL2)

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TheMART4068d ago

When I just forgot how retarded Ken's/Kaz or Sony's PR talk in general could be... The sh!t hits the fan again!

The succes of the PS2 wasn't because it was harder to program for. It was a succes because the Dreamcast died because a lack of money (MS has enough to last to get enough market share) plus the marketinglies Sony spread before the PS2 was launched, to hold people of to buy a Dreamcast and wait for a PS2 (the This is Waiting program).

In the end everybody knew other hardware was more powerfull, but if you work with it long enough you'll get a good result even out of bad hardware (like God of War II). If there was still that kind of support for the Dreamcast, there would be some killer apps coming out also.

ONce more: Sony you make priceless comments to cover up the shortcomings of your system. Nice try. But failed.

mighty_douche4068d ago

did you read the bit about not showing its true power for 4,5 even 6 years! mate, your console wont even last that long let alone its potential!

if your not interested in the ps3 which your obviously not as all you do is bad mouth it, then what exactly are you always on ps3 threads??? and now your even laying in to the ps2, the greatest selling consloe in history! you my friend are a wanker.... blunt i know, but fair...

MrSwede4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

No.... he´s back! I thought you calmed down, I even gave you a bubble once!

Edit: Meaning TheMART of course...

Mario184068d ago


Danielson4068d ago

Snake Snake, Snnnnaaaaaakkkeeeee!!!!

sak5004068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

WAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIT FOR BETTER GAMES. Ps3 will show real power in 4-5 years time. While you guys wait for it we will finish off all our next gen games and would be looking for new xbox console. New HD format would be available, cpus, gpus would be totaly next gen, standard ram would be 4-8 gb. You would like to compete with your 256/256 mb ram, old gen cell cpu and twice old gen gpu. WOW the future of ps3 is so bright i'm already getting sun tanned.

EDIT: I agree TheMart..bubbs for you.

reaperxciv4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

how come you have to wait 4, 5, 6 years even? while you're at it, here are some genuine blu-ray movies...3NJ0Y the wait

wait in 4 years the ps3 will be worth what? $129.95?

ALMIGHTYPS34068d ago

No COMP for the PS2?The PS2 is STEAMROLLIN ""YOUR NEXT GEN"" right NOW!!The xbox and xbox360 combined WILL NEVER sell 40,000,000(and counting)units,ever!!NUFF SAID!!!!!!!!

Wii60_FTW4068d ago

you sound dumb as all hell.

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RadientFlux4068d ago

basically he is stating that PS3 will look better in time due to complex nature of the PS3 hardware. Which is both true and not true.

There is always a large graphical difference between first generation titles and 5th or 6th generation titles. It has nothing to do with how hard is to develop a title for your system.

Take the SNES as an example, a pretty easy console to make games for. Check out the graphics of Super Mario World and then check the graphics for Donkey Kong Country.

Marty83704068d ago

360 = This is hardware failure, yet again.

Maddens Raiders4068d ago

Shock troops mount and attack! Hold this ground at any cost! Maybe if we bloviate enough to fill a hot air balloon to capacity, we can detract from our absence at X07, our systems's durability issues, and the fact that after nearly 2 YEARS on the market we're getting waylaid by the Wii and shunned wholly everywhere, save the United States.