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Submitted by GlobalSoldier 1907d ago | news

Black Ops kills PS3 Classics

PS3-Sense writes: "The PS3-version of Black Ops already had a lot of problems, crashing PS3's, framedrops and freezes. Now it seems that a lot of people, who own a PS3 Classic, got their PS3 killed while they were playing Call of Duty: Black Ops." (Call of Duty: Black Ops, PS3)

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Lots of people's PS3s die playing call of duty. Does it have anything to do with the fact that the particular game killed their PS3 or the fact that they just happened to play Call of Duty while their PS3 died? Most likely for ten hours after a huge CoD Multiplayer binge.
zootang  +   1907d ago
Fifa 11 gets the same treatment in the UK
NeoBasch  +   1907d ago
Just thought I'd warn you guys. My 80Gig PS3 (bought back when Uncharted 1 and Heavenly Sword came out) died after downloading and installing firmware for Modern Warfare 2 combined with Sony's firmware. This happened sometime in January earlier this year I believe. Black Ops uses the same engine.

I won't let Black Ops touch my Slim.
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ian72  +   1907d ago
My original 60gig PS3 died last night, (YLOD) while turning off NFS:Shift. Little pissed about it but Sony are replacing it again (3rd time) for free. Will be recieving my refurb tomorrow (Friday). Taking less than 2 days for a refurb unit. Glad I will have another one in time for GT5. Was a little worried it wouldn't get here in time for GT5's release but it will.
Anyhow, PS3's breaking while playing COD:BO will happen as its the most played game so its no suprise. Its not the game thats the problem, its coincidense, its just 'cause thats the main game people are playing now. As I said above mine broke with NFS:shift. My last one broke playing Godfather. (coincidense is what it is).
PSFan100  +   1906d ago
My 80bg PS3 broke down today, my original 60gb got YLOD. I'm a PS fan (hence the name) but i'm very annoyed at the moment. I won't be purchasing another ps3. I'm going to wait till the PS4 launch. I will repair the 80bg with some 60bg parts, just hope it holds out. *Sigh* just when GT5 comes out! grrr
NeoBasch  +   1906d ago
I'm pretty sure mine wasn't a coincidence. A lot of people reported the same thing the day of the firmware update. Matter of fact, this site had an article on it that listed the one's typically breaking down after the update. Mostly older models were affected: the 20, 60, and 80 Gig models.

Either way you look at it, it was an accident. I'm not even for sure what exactly happened, but it was not a hardware failure. I know this much as I'm still able to turn it on and reset my hard drive. I just sucked it up and bought a slim, which got stolen yesterday, sadly.

Now I'm without a PS3. It sucks big time. It was my entertainment hub. :(

Regardless, if the systems found, or I pick up, God forbid, another unit, I'm not letting Black Ops touch it in fear that it will screw up that system too. I'm superstitious like that. ; )
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Blitzed  +   1906d ago
How did you get it replaced for free?
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1906d ago
I already posted this logic here before but I'll do it again: 3 to 5% of all PS3 bought will fail within one year. That's the industry standard which PS3 is well within.

People seen to don't realise how much this mean, let's do some math...

It looks like PS3 sold around 250k this last October. From all those consoles, let's say 4%, will fail sometime from november 2010 to october 2011. That's 10 thousand consoles dieing just because they would anyway.

Now, one year is maybe just too widespread to some figure out the coincidence with any date. Let's make a projection with October as if it's representative and project it to yearly sales in US (I know it isn't... or it is... I don't know, it's just for give this some perspective).

If PS3 sell 3 million per year (250k per month) in US and we suppose those are equally sold thoughout the year, that's a little above 8k consoles per day. If we suppose that those consoles would fail in a stead rate instead of randomly throughout a year, it means we have 320 consoles dieing per day just in USA.

Now, we know those consoles don't fail on stead rates, neigher they sell in constant rates too. Probably they have a tendency to fail within some point in it's life and, combined with projection for months with more sales (holiday), it's more than possible that some given time within the year there are more consoles dieing. Also, we poorly project it over US numbers, and quite low ones, you can think of how many PS3 per day will die if we project it over, let's underestimate, 10m PS3 sold WW in one year?

The fact is, probably we can see a thousand PS3 around the world will fail in any given day, and that's just because it sells a lot (a DVD or a TV is well within the same numbers if it sells the same ammount) not because of some inherent flaw. Now, if the given day had anything uncommon, that's what people will point ourt as the more reasonable source of the problem. They aren't wrong, they are being logical, but they aren't seeing the bigger picture.

Let's say tomorrow is one of those days in a busy month for Sony's repair department, projecting those bigger sales of holiday and the point in life those 3~5% will fail would give us many consoles die on the November 19th. Let's say 5 thousand PS3 die tomorrow. And today we had an FW update or a new game launch which is very popular. We all would think that updated killed our PS3s, but it could as well be a common November 19th when many PS3 fails every year. You guess which one would be a head liner here tomorrow.
NeoBasch  +   1906d ago
@ bishop-br
I see what you're saying, but what you're neglecting is which units were affected. Now let's pretend each PS3 that falls between that 4% failure rate has an average lifetime of about a year. I bought mine back around September-October 2007, close to a year after launch. It failed the beginning of 2010. You do the math.

Now when this firmware hit, thousands of systems went down: bricked. Each one, YLOD. Let's also throw out the fact that the number of those affected went far beyond the average. Tens of thousands possibly. Granted, this was within the week, but even so. 7,000 does not equal 10,000+ units.

As I said earlier, there was an article covering the story. Most units that were affected were old 60 Gig units. There were some 20 gigs (the oldest unit), and then there was mine (the 80 gig MotorStorm bundle PS3's), which hardly got hit. None of the slims or models from 2008 and beyond were affected.

Everyone reported the same problem. The console stopped shortly after installing the update. My friend updated the game on my system, and then not but 10 minutes after, while I was watching a trailer of FFXIII I got from the PSN store, boom! Lights out.

That day, you should of saw the outcry. Activision even released a statement on it if I remember right.

I would typically agree with what you wrote here, but, when there's just that big of a gap from the average and the fact that limited units were affected that should have already been dead if we go by their calculated life time, I just can't brush it away.

Trust me. I wish it was just a coincidence, but the truth is I don't trust that specific engine anymore. It's just like when my PS3 got stolen the other day. I contacted all my neighbors, friends, and family wondering if perhaps they might have borrowed my PS3 and forgot to tell me. That wasn't the case. I explored the house and found out someone broke in through a window and made off with a $1,000+ dollars of equipment. I really wanted to believe that someone else just borrowed it and forgot to clean up the room, but...

The truth is, some people just aren't willing to accept responsibility. And I understand why, but I'm just a lot more cautious now. I'll be damned if I'm fooled again. Besides, I have a 360 I can play Black Ops on. :p No harm done.
ian72  +   1906d ago
Got my refurb PS3 today, which is great.
I am assuming I have got my last 2 refurbs for free as the first one cost £145. I'm hoping this one lasts me now I'm on my 4th one. I do keep them clean and well ventilated, none of them has had even 1 scratch on them. Just seem to be a little unlucky, although I have used them a lot, I have over 80 games on blu-ray and played 1000's of hours.
P.S. I have to wait around 5-6 weeks to get NFS:Shift disc back, which was stuck inside.
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Igneel  +   1907d ago
Same can be said about getting the Rrod.
rdgneoz3  +   1906d ago
Except only one counts towards sales figures.
GlobalSoldier  +   1907d ago
I was playing the game for just 5 minutes and then my PS3 died;)
Wardragon1012  +   1906d ago
I feel ur payne bro :(
joydestroy  +   1907d ago
i have a PS3 classic and it's not dead yet. eventually i expect it to die before the next wave of consoles get released simply because i use it for movies/netflix. i go to sleep every night with my console on. i'd be using my 360 instead if it had an auto shut off feature that was less than 6hrs. not sure why they didn't fix that with the latest dashboard update =/
MariaHelFutura  +   1907d ago
You should go to sleep watching TVs, it`s not good for your brain and the PS3 has an Auto-off. and yeah, the 6 hours shutdown on 360 is something that should have been fixed A LONG time ago, consider the console is prone to overheating and having problems in general.
joydestroy  +   1907d ago
i don't actually watch the tv when i go to sleep lol the noise just helps me fall asleep easier.

i use the auto off on PS3, that's why i was saying i use it over my 360. i think i might get a timer for the 360 plug though and just set it for a certain time at night no matter what and it'll shut off. not sure if that will damage the console though
THEONEANDONLY85  +   1907d ago
why not listen to the radio? Or do what I do turn on Pandora on my phone while it charges and sleep to that.
WhittO  +   1907d ago
I have a "classic" 60gb and its loads better than my new Slim! Wish I just kept that instead now.

My old phat launch 60gb was quieter, had memory card readers, 4 usb ports (which i actually use more than 2 now I have more peripherals etc), not to mention full B/C with PS2/PS1 games.

As for certain game breaking certain models of ps3's, I dont buy it. I mean, every game is identical and every ps3 can play it at the exact same level, the only difference is there is less heat given off on the slim due to smaller parts. That doesn't mean just because the game is taxing it breaks the parts in the phat because the slim is more powerful parts lol.

It's more probable that the ps3's overheated due to alot of dirt/dust build up over the years.
Since the ps3 probably gets really hot inside when playing BO since it was poorly developed and pushes the GPU to the max, dumping most of the load on that instead of spreading the load to the other SPU's etc, making it very hot and if there is a build-up of dust etc combined with degradation of thermal transfer paste... (which btw is meant to be the main cause of YLOD)
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Tazz1992  +   1907d ago
my classic ps3 died a couple months ago while playing God of war collections for like 15 minutes.
Then i fixed it myself and broke again a week later then a couple days later i fixed again and has worked since.
Its not particular game that breaks the console
Games may cause errors but thats about it.
Kleptic  +   1907d ago
My 60gb died in early june when i decided to start playing GTAIV again...put 30 hours or so into it, and the fan was running like never before haha (it was right around the release of RDR)...but it technically died when installing a demo for mod nation racers...

Since then I had been using a friends slim, who didn't have broadband at his place, and just left it at mine...but finally am getting around to getting it replaced...

I know what killed mine; i had it in a new entertainment center with not so great ventilation...and ever since I put it in there I heard the fan running like never before...saw it coming, but was too annoyed to do anything about it because it would have been such a pain to put anywhere else...

but the general consensus is that early PS3's are bound to go eventually...which is why I'm up in the air on what to when you send in a 60gb you are offered a refurbished 60gb with warranty, or a brand new 120gb slim for $30 less...there is no question that the slims will be more reliable because of the smaller die cpu and gpu and less heat...but I hate the lack of BC on newer ps3's...even though i NEVER use it...

I don't really care about the card readers because A, i have a USB one for my old desktop that will work with the PS3 anyway...and B, I stream everything to and from my PS3 over my network in the first place...SACD is a dead format entirely, i've never even seen one I don't care about losing that as well...

I might go with a slim as it obviously works safely in the current entertainment system i have...actually looks better in there too...and i've never once heard it do anything other than when I load a disc...Even the Sony rep was like 'most guys go with the slim, i'm not supposed to say this, but it will most likely last a whole lot longer than another 60gb'...

oh well...I need one, as this dude is taking his back for GT5...
Highlife  +   1906d ago
try this helps me.
WhittO  +   1906d ago
If i were you i would definitely get the slim.

If your 60gb has overheated to the point of not working, they will replace the one thing that gave way, but there may be further damage that will start to make problems later on.

Also, Slims are meant to be really reliable so getting that will probably be that last thing you have to pay for years until the next gen roles around.

I got a slim and have to say its alot louder than I thought and doesn't look as good as my 60gb, but as long as it works and is reliable that's all that matters in the end, and its not THAT loud, just a higher pitch sound to the fans and I sit quite close.
Pwnage2u  +   1907d ago
Theres always
a story about this whenever a new game comes out or firmware.
TOO PAWNED  +   1907d ago
COD like no other games "eats" your console. That disk keeps on spinning like crazy, non stop. I wish there was some sort of install. Its not good for your console, and its same with every cod
FACTUAL evidence  +   1907d ago
Most people's ps3 was on the verge of dying anyway. It just o happened that they were playing CODBO. The ame dam story was said about COD4....People were just playing the hell out of their ps3s.....
Big Frank  +   1907d ago
Bu bu bu bu, i thought according to posters on N4G, PS3s were invincible?!?!!? Ha Ha Ha. It costs a lot to fix, i know, because all my friends PS3s have died, just as many as the 360s. 360 owners are lucky they have 3 year warranties on the classic consoles. Enjoy paying for those repairs boys, bad karma for slagging the 360 so much. lolololol!
house  +   1906d ago
@at big frank the only reason my ps3 died
is because i would play it about 4 or 5 hours a day and not to mention every time me and my friends came over they would ask me to bring it over and that was another 7 to ten hours and i had the 60gb ps3 so it had alot of miles how many 360s can you say played that many hours not many
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BeOneWithTheGun  +   1906d ago
you are on crack.
I bought the Metal Gear bundle in June 08 and played that SOB 4-5 hours after work each day and it was on ALL DAY on weekends. My kid watched movies, I gamed. In June of 2010 it was still running strong but I wanted a SLIM so I took it in to BestBuy (have the 2-year replacement plan) and told them it froze a lot (Got forgive me). They switched me out, had 200.00 in store credit for the price difference and bought a couple games and some movies.

I am treating my SLIM the same. It is on ALL THE TIME and I just do regular dusting and whatnot and it purrs like a kitten.

All this began after my 5th 360 (That is five. As in 5 separate consoles) died on me over the course of 2 years. I slept outside BB on launch day and half way thru King Kong it RROD on me. Thus began a trend that led to the next 4 to not even last 6 months.

I don't hate or play fanboy cause games are awesome and I love Gears and Halo as much as Uncharted and GT. That said, I have to defend the STABILITY o the PS hardware compared to the 360. It's a no-brainer that the PS3 is built better.
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Mmmkay  +   1906d ago
cod7 killed my ps3 slim no doubt about it. I played singleplayer for 15-20 minutes before it froze and that was the end of that machine...! with all the sound it started making when i first put the disc in i should have seen it coming...
wsoutlaw87  +   1906d ago
thank you, people think some how a game can go in and break your ps3. Most people are playing black ops right now so most of the ps3s that break will break with black ops in
SlyGuy  +   1906d ago
Strangely enough
My 60GB died (YLOD) while playing Modern Warfare 2.

I was actually showing a friend the game since I never used it after completing the campaign. The PS3 wasn't even on for long.

Cue the COD/YLOD conspiracies! lol j/k
bigc072004  +   1906d ago
this is why you get the popular multiplatform games for the better console. You guys are just too stubborn and arrogant to have both consoles because you think sony executives are monitoring your purchases lmao. Only trouble on the xbox was lag and game drops. Fixed it yesterday. Day one there was literally 4 million people online playing Black ops....
scar20  +   1907d ago
Mine went out on mw2 last year which sucked cuz i had to wait a month with out playing.
T9X69  +   1907d ago
"Now it seems that a lot of people, who own a PS3 Classic, got their PS3 killed while they were playing Call of Duty: Black Ops."

I'm sure it did, just like MW2 gave tons of people on Xbox the RROD. You bought an electronic device, it's built to fail at one point. It just so happens you were playing COD when it did. If COD wasn't as popular as it is, you wouldn't be reading this right now and instead it would be "My PS3/360 died while playing X popular game".
xTruthx  +   1906d ago
Hey!, my super nintendo still works! lol
SuperStrokey1123  +   1907d ago
Gee an older version of the ps3 dying while playing a super popular game... this does not mean COD is killing PS3s people... it means ps3s are dying while playing cod. This is to be expected.
Cogan1  +   1907d ago
I have cod4, mw2 and black ops and while its 99% just a coincidence that someones PS3 died while black ops is in, i have noticed that All COD games use the disc reader far more than any other game. dont know why but it cant be good to have the laser scanning the disc every second.
Kleptic  +   1907d ago
I don't know specifically for CoD, as the only one I played a lot of was CoD4...but I definitely know what you mean with some games seeming to be much more taxing on a system than others...I could play hours of burnout paradise and never hear the ps3's fans at all...but put in GTAIV and it would scream nearly the whole time...

i even had GTAIV start to stutter noticeably just a few weeks before it finally popped...I reinstalled the game a few times, but it never helped...but other games ran quiet as ever...I just figured GTAIV was 'always like that' as I had played it in almost 2 years at that point...but i never noticed it before...
KotC  +   1907d ago
Chances are their older PS3's were probably on the way out anyway.
divideby0  +   1907d ago
^why would you say that when I have both models of the PS2 Orignal and Slim still running fine as well as our SNES and N64
KotC  +   1907d ago
My old PS3 went out on me becuse I played the hell out of it. I'm assuming that is probably what happened here.
Kleptic  +   1907d ago
yeah RRoD jokes and all that aside...older PS3's, specifically launch 60gb and 20gb models are bound to go eventually when played regularly...I had used mine daily for years nearly...not really playing games each day, but movies, music, was on and running at some point...

It seems to me it is more of an issue with where you put the PS3 physically...Mine died just a month after I had it in a new entertainment center, before that it was always out in the open on top of my TV (a big old Wega CRT)...a friend of mine bought a 60gb about a week before me...put his in an enclosed center too...and it died just about 1 week before mine haha...

it does those launch units where far from cheap...but I can't say I didn't see the warnings about where to place a PS3 in your home center...just liked only having a center speaker, a receiver and a PS3 in the center...its very simple...

but anyone still with a launch model...leave that thing out in the open through the ylod threads on the playstation forums, almost all the ps3's that pop were in some enclosed space...And many other people recommend never turning the PS3 straight off from a game...just default back to the xmb and let it idle and turn off automatically after an hour...that lets the fans run and cool it down, rather than having the fans killed while its still blistering hot in there...
KillerPwned  +   1907d ago
Seems odd how this supposedly happens with every single COD game that is released.
nikrel  +   1907d ago
Black ops is bad.
I've noticed when I am the Host on Black Ops my PS3 chugs, my Framerate seems in the high teens it's very noticeable. I have a 120GB Slim.

Another thing, I think it wears out the video card as well, I was having an extended session of Black Ops & my screen started jacking up with 1's and 0's all over the screen, the best was to describe it is Matrix style, I called my friend and he ad the same issues, I regret buying Black Ops and I am now trying to sell it on craigs list.

Speaking of Craigs list, my brother said he found this guy waqs made a post that said Selling Black ops for 25bucks or burning the disc, so he got it for 25.
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T9X69  +   1907d ago
"I was having an extended session of Black Ops & my screen started jacking up with 1's and 0's all over the screen"

If you were playing single player, that's suppose to happen.......
Sarevok  +   1907d ago
They want you to kill JFK lol..
nikrel  +   1907d ago
No this was during Multiplayer, I was at the menu, I turned of my ps3 then turned it back on and the problem was still there.

I turned it off for about 2 hours and tried again and it fixed the problem.
Doing this tho is a clear indication of heating issues with wear on the video card, same type of issue happens with PCs. My PS3 is not sitting in a enclosed space either.
Cenobia  +   1907d ago

I have had the same issue. It pops up for a couple of frames and then dissapears.

Aside from that glitch being annoying, I haven't had any real issues with it. I have a 60gb launch console with a ~120 HDD in it.

I am really hoping that wasn't a spoiler.
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AllroundGamer  +   1907d ago
the 1's and 0's on the screen happened to me also like 3 times now, the game is really bad optimized...
muzzy  +   1907d ago
I wonder if it's possible to overclock PS3 GPU via software like a regular GForce cards. Anyway, another reason not to buy this piece of broken code.
RustInPeace  +   1907d ago
Its funny
Even after this 1.3 patch, the game is still dragging its ass to load up the SP campaign. I have yet to jump on the MP, but since release, it would take up to 3-5 minutes for the game to upload my game stats (i.e. my rank level & emblem next to it). This prevented me from joining friends in games on the fly because if the game didn't load my stats & I try to join MP or zombies, the game would crash at the "downloading game settings" screen. If this hasn't been fixed yet, I might just be saying goodbye to this game before my system dies too.
dead_eye  +   1907d ago
that makes no sense. You've yet to jump on MP but are having problems with stats loading and joining friends in game on the fly.
RustInPeace  +   1901d ago
I meant after the patch. Of course I played the MP already (considering I picked it up @ midnight on launch day) but these problems have been happening since day 1.
yourgodisdead  +   1907d ago
Coincidently enough..
my ps3 crashed last night after trying to play black ops, i say trying because all it did was kick me from multiplayer into the theater.
ChronoJoe  +   1907d ago
The hardware is the same, and to suggest blackops was killing certain PS3s would be to suggest that it was more resource intensive, than other games... which isn't the case.

Crappy/stupid article.

I could see software, crashing PS3s temporarily. But you won't see software killing hardware, on these very restricted systems.
Caudill  +   1907d ago
I'm playing on a 60GB launch model, have completed the campaign twice and sunk several hours into the online.

In that time, I have not had a single freeze or crash. The framerate may have dipped here and there but I generally don't notice that stuff unless it's just TERRIBLE (ie. slideshow).

Besides some visual differences, which are minor at best, there is nothing wrong with the PS3 version. In my experience anyway.
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Vip3r  +   1907d ago
Basically, stop buying COD games and make activision develop cheaper, more exciting titles.
M4ndat0ry_1nstall  +   1907d ago
Software cannot brick hardware, at least not by accident. This dudes fat PS3 was bound to fail at some point and just happened to fail while he was playing CoD: Black Ops.
GlobalSoldier  +   1907d ago
Remember the Starcraft II bug
You remember the Starcraft II "bug"? It let GPU's overrun because Blizzard didn't put a maximum on it...
Vip3r  +   1907d ago
Software can and has broken hardware before. Just look at that nvidia driver what was released a which back. It killed a load of graphics cards.
Kleptic  +   1907d ago
yeah that needed point most definitely can destroy hardware if its pushed through without certain parameters...its just a simple case that Sony would simply not let that happen...the code requirements put on developers for console games is extremely high...but there is no doubt that poorly optimized code can in fact make a system 'work harder' just by coincidence...

but either way...its more likely that these PS3's were not doing so well to begin with...and putting significant time into any single game at that point was bound to kill it...
BeOneWithTheGun  +   1906d ago
That is not true
If your software demands on the video card and processor (due to poor optimization) are extremely high, then you can fry the guys of the hardware. So, no, the software doesn't just brake hardware directly but the stress it puts on the CPU and video card can cause overheating on your internal hardware parts and if the fans cannot keep up it will overheat, ergo, the software fried your hardware....indirectly. Semantics mean nothing if your console is bricked.
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BeaArthur  +   1907d ago
I actually haven't really had any issues. There have been some connection issues here and there but overall the game has gone pretty smoothly for me.
duplissi  +   1907d ago

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OMEGAXS1  +   1907d ago
My 60gb Crashed while playing this game. All kinds of codes n sht popped up. Wish I could post the pic off my phone but im not into doing all of that. The last couple game i bought MOH & BO) tend to put the fan on the second to last high speed alot. Pretty irritating but, of course I still play.
dredgewalker  +   1907d ago
My first PS3 fat died while I was playing MW1. Actually it was the video card that died while I was playing it. My PS3 slim sometimes crashes when I play Transformers. Disagree but this only happened with Activision games and with the glitches and bugs they ship with games I'm not gonna be surprised anymore. F*&k Activision.
TANUKI  +   1907d ago
I must be lucky then, I have beaten the campaign 2x now, did all of combat training and played many zombie matches... and nothing bad happened yet. Not even a single freeze (thank god).
SSKILLZ  +   1907d ago
my fst ps3 died playing the Battlefield badcompany 3 online demo
just a month before god of war 3 :( and i had to wait like 4 moths do to the ps3 drought at that time, it freaking sucked ass but i guess the world cup helped a little, the i got it and ripped through god of war 3 ...good times ;)
pabzuk  +   1907d ago
My poor old fat ps3 bought day one, with 250g hard drive put in died last Friday with black ops still in it, only played 5mins on single player then red yellow red flashing :o( YLOD but gettin it fixed at a cost of 50pounds soon, well must play kinect till it's fixed, that's life
red2tango  +   1907d ago
My PS3 got YLOD from Black Ops, gave me a reason to buy a slim
Denethor_II  +   1907d ago
The Killzone 3 Beta alone, destroys Crap Opps.
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Figboy  +   1907d ago
my 60gig BC PS3 dies yesterday afternoon
while my wife was playing Fallout: New Vegas. this is the SECOND time my PS3 has died, both while playing a Fallout game (Fallout 3 killed my PS3 in 2008 while my wife was playing).

so either i need to stop playing Fallout games on the PS3, or divorce my wife. i may have to do BOTH, you know, just to be sure...
Relientk77  +   1906d ago
I LOLed when u said "or divorce my wife" haha
killalot100  +   1906d ago
everything kills the original ps3. my died twice and i had to bring it back from death twice. i suggest getting that fat bastard reballed with lead instead of that non lead crap. reballing is the best thing to do to make the original ps3 reliable.
BenCrazy424  +   1906d ago
Its not the games causing the YLOD, its the amount of time playing a game and not properly shutting down the ps3.

I always let my ps3 run an hour after gameplay until it automatically shuts down so that it cools itself correctly. If you dont and shut it off immediately, it runs the risk of not cooling down correctly resulting in a broken ps3.
GlobalSoldier  +   1906d ago
Thats what you would think in the first time
Thats what you would think in the first time yea, that it is caused by playing a lot of it.

Its because Treyarch just can't make a good game... Starcraft II ruined a lot of GPU's from PC's which was caused by a fault from Blizzard. Not by playing a lot.

And my PS3 died, I started my PS3. Put the disc in it, joined an online match, i was playing for 5 seconds and then it died. So it doesnt depend on the time of playing...
NeloAnjelo  +   1906d ago
Just hurry Activision and take a bigger cheque from Microsoft and make COD exclusive to the 360.

Sony's got Killzone, Resistance and Socom. If you can't invest the time to make a game run properly on the PS3 then dont bother... We'll just buy the 360 version, like the Orange Box, Bayonetta etc.

And this is the best selling game on release day! When will people stop being duped into getting a COD every year. When will they learn? All the online issues, the imbalanced game play, yet still people dish out money to buy it, like its the gaming God's gift to mankind. If $hit was boxed with the name "Call of Duty", it would surely break records.

Good thing activision is more about greed than quality. Hence COD will always have issues.
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Masterchef2007  +   1906d ago
Oh wow talk about crappy programming
bobrea  +   1906d ago
Yet another reason not to play modern warfare 2.5....I mean Black Ops
NeloAnjelo  +   1906d ago
Completely AGREE... Bubbles mate!
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