NHL 2K8 Preview

On the upside, the game looks way better than last year's, as the player faces and menus have been significantly upgraded graphically. Plus, face-offs are more realistic as players will tie each other up before the puck goes to either team.

But the real separator for this year's game from previous ones is the new Superstar Moves ability, which can be done in-game by holding the left trigger, followed by a button combination. It's likely too Tekken for most, but the chance to imitate Owen Nolan's point-and-shoot from the All-Star game years ago, or the genius "Sweden '94" move that Petr Forsberg scored on, is good fun, especially in a shoot-out.

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Tru_Blu4122d ago

No thanks, hockey is the one instance where ea actually makes the better game. Well that and I liked the MVP games, 2K baseball always sucks IMO.

Munky4122d ago

That hasn't been true for a several of years now. Anybody who knows hockey will tell you that the 2k series is much more realistic the the arcade style play of EA hockey games.

Bebedora4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

I can attest to that 2K7 had a very good goalie AI and puck reflection off the goalie, the posts and the way you can score.

The player AI was really good too. My worst gripe was that I get so easily penalties where the AI doesn't (Any team I tried). The controls didn't give me that response I expected.

The color comment was average and the environment was a bit stiff to me.
But all in all, a better experience than EA NHL'07. For sure.

For some reason EA are succeeding in doing a better NHL each even release of the NHL series. Don't understand why. Might be a developer team thing or r&d of a new 3d engine or a mix of them. I will have to wait for reviews from users in other forums before I descide which to chose as a first buy.