Warhawks And Digital Downloads

This past week Sony passed a milestone. No, they didn't surpass Microsoft's console sales for the first time this generation. The first major, fully developed, videogame was distributed through an online console service. With the launch of Warhawk, and its inevitable success, the way games are distributed could be changing...

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fenderputty4118d ago

as a download because it wasn't full price. It also doesn't take up large amounts of HD space. Had these things not been so, I would have bought a disk and gave my old headset to my GF.

MikeGdaGod4117d ago

but i also like that its always on the XMB. you dont have to change disk and can jump on and off quickly.

gEnKiE4118d ago

I think nintendo's service for down loadable content sucks. It makes me question whether or not i want to download a game or not....i have no problem with the psn network nor the 360. even though ive never touched a 360, ive never heard any issues with the service. anyways, i loved that they distributed warhawk on psn. hopefully theirs more to come.

ChickeyCantor4118d ago

" i have no problem with the psn network nor the 360. even though ive never touched a 360"
that is instant biased bull my friend =)

heroman7114117d ago

i know what u mean. i think xbox live is a great service and so is psn ( could have more features but thats wat home is for ). point is i wanted warhawk for psn but i also wanted a wireless headset ( my wired one sucks ).

Primetimebt4118d ago

I went with the Blu Ray verison cause I felt $40 online only game was a rip off and the $60 with the blue tooth was more of bargin plus factoring in I can also get trade in value for this game.

Tabasco4118d ago

I like your thinking but there is one fatal flaw. On the Back of the back there is a big white box that say's "Not for resale". Do you think retailers will still take them?

ErcsYou4117d ago

@ tabasco...the back of warhawk blu ray cover says not for resale...this is so retailers dont remove the blu tooth headsets and just sell the disc's...but the bundle box says no such thing...if you call your local gamestop/eb/gamecrazy...they will tell you that you need to trade in the game and the headset....this was the first thing i asked when i picked up the time check your facts before posting lies on n4g, a lot of these people are gulible and will see your comment as the truth....

Siesser4117d ago

Geesh, "LIES?" He was just making a statement which happened to be wrong. I would have honestly thought the exact same thing if I'd paid attention to the writing on the box. There's a HUGE difference between being mistaken and trying to decieve; no need to be so aggressive.

IPlayGames4117d ago

ERQ is correct. We already took one back because the guy didnt know it was multiplayer only.

$25.00 store credit

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doshey4118d ago

yep and now we are taking a heavy hit trying to play online with warhawk

DrPirate4118d ago

No, as long as their are bandwidth limitations, optical media will always be here to stay.

My buddy can't exceed 15 gigabytes a month or he pays something like 3 bucks for every gigabyte over. Imagine downloading a game like UT3?

Won't happen anytime soon.

aiphanes4117d ago

Online distribution of movies and games will be the norm...but most people in the USA do not even have broadband! They are still on dialup...You can not get broadband in the country....except for satellite...which sucks and is expensive.

The highest avg broadband connections are 10megs from cable. DSL is at 6 megs avg...but most are in the 1.5 megs in cable or dsl.

You can not download a 25 gig movie or game at this speed.

Also the HD movies that you can download off of xbox live are only in they use less space and are around 4 gigs or less. Bluray and HD-DVD are 1080p with up 7.1 HD sound. Something you will never see downloading from xbox live in the near future.

We all know sony is working on its movie and music download service and when they release it, it will be awesome. You can already download 1080p movie trailers...I have yet to see a 1080p movie or trailer on xbox live.

But warhawk is an awesome game and worth the $40 download..$29.99 would have been better..but who cares it is an awesome game...and they are going to expand it with more maps and they will continnually update it to fix any issues and add more features. Dylan Jobe is the man.

The DRM will probably be different on Socom Confrontation...where when you log into any PS3, you will be able to download the game, but it will only work on your account. This is how Warhawk should have been, or at least only work on your PS3, but on all the sub accounts.

tk4117d ago

Here in South Africa it will cost me more to download a game or a movie than to buy the BR edition. That is how expensive Internet bandwidth is in some places. It is actually cheaper to fly to Japan, download 100Gigs of data, stay over, and fly back - than to download it here.

BR disks will be with us for at least another 10 years until the bandwidth makes digital distribution possible. But by then holo disks will be holding a Terabyte - which will mean Really-Really-True-HD will take 750GB of data - which will mean disks will be cheaper again.... and so it will go on. Heck - in the days of the Sinclair Spectrum the first talk of solid state media that will kill magnetic media was in our IT handbooks - and guess what - solid state media is only used for memory sticks. So much for that story. Same with digital distribution. It is a long long way before it will be the mainstream.

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