Resident Evil Faces Extinction

The last Resident Evil film made $129 million at the box office. Does the upcoming Resident Evil: Extinction have what it takes to outdo its predecessors? Next-Gen speaks with producer Jeremy Bolt.

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P4KY B4123d ago

Who would have guessed that?

monkey6024123d ago

Maybe everybody secretly loves it but wont say

FreeMonk4123d ago

The Resident Evil movies suck balls.

First thing they messed up on was not making the movies R Rated. They aimed for the kiddies instead of giving us the Resident Evil gorefest we all wanted.

Second thing they messed up on was not following any of the story from the original games. No game characters in the first film, and only Jill from the second.

We wanted Chris, Jill, Wesker (where the hell was Wesker), Barry, Leon etc.

Thirdly...where are all the big monsters, spiders, sharks, and all the other wonderful things from the Resident Evil francise!?

I'm not holding my breath for RE Extinction!

ngg123454123d ago

I'm pretty sure men in black sold more.

tyrant t1044122d ago

hey freemonk, moron, the RE movies are all rated R and have a decent amount of blood and gore. I do dislike the fact they strayed so far from the RE story, but they're still fun movies. Tyrant's in the last one so I HAVE to watch ^_^

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DeadIIIRed4123d ago

I never liked the Resident Evil movies. I wished they would have stuck more with the video games instead of doing a Tim Burton on Batman spin.

HeartlesskizZ4123d ago

I love the movies, and the games, this one is one of my top movies of this year aside with beawolf and War

BubblesDAVERAGE4123d ago

I tthought I was the only one who enoyed the RE movies..1 was okay ..and 2 was much bettet..they only get better each time

monkey6024123d ago

The first one was my favourite but i still loved the second. I find it hard to hate anything resi (except the ps1 survivor series)

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