IGN: NBA Jam Review

"NBA Jam is a disappointing retail package, mainly because it would’ve been one of the greatest Xbox Live or PlayStation Network releases of all-time. As it stands, this $50 disc adds a few modes to the Jam that you know and love, but at the end of the day the reason that you’ll invest is the classic gameplay, not the Remix Modes. You have to ask yourself: is the classic gameplay and eventual addition of online multiplayer worth the rather hefty asking price? I’d say yes, if you’re a diehard Jam fan and no if it never impressed you back in the day."

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DORMIN2679d ago


$50 and only in retail?

SON, I AM DISAPPOINT. I was really looking forward to this too.

Ma1nframe2678d ago

7.5 for the PS3 version, 8.5 for the Wii version??????????? LOL
the reviewer is awful LOL

LMFAO @ 7.5

This has already been purchased but will wait until Xmas to play it as it really gives me something to look forward to.