Stranglehold multiplayer preview

Sterling has been raving about Stranglehold for months now, but our most recent time spent with the multiplayer side of the game leaves us a little cold. It's not that there is anything especially wrong with the game, because it plays just fine, but with the tremendous wealth of multiplayer options on every platform, is there any room for Stranglehold?

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PimpHandHappy4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

How can i kick off a flame war



I played the demo of this game a few times at a buddys house and it was fun but if that is what the whole game is like i can see that getting real boring real fast!

Plus you seen a few highlight clips of online play and you seen all these ppl moving in slow-mo. Looks like a good rental

~~stroking chin~~

Kinda like Halo will be a good rental

that should do it