Meier: Console audience "ready to step up to strategy"

Now is the time to kick-start the strategy genre on console as its audience is now "ready to step up to strategy gaming", reckons Firaxis chief and Civilization creator Sid Meier.

He explained that Firaxis, currently developing Civilization: Revolution for Xbox 360, PS3, WII and DS, believes turn-based strategy is one of those things that needs to be there for the console player. "The console audience is ready to step up to strategy gaming, especially when we can present in a way that looks cool and sounds cool."

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paul_war4118d ago

Sid Meier has taken more hours from my life then I care to imagine ...

Shame about there being no PSP version though.

TheTCD4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

As much as I admire him for what he has done for the industry and the strategy genre as a whole, I can't help but feel he is being ever so slightly patronising towards console gamers, inferring in a way that we aren't capable of comprehending or being able to play the games.

I understand the underlying root of his message, in that the technology is now here to capture a new audience in a genre that has primarily relied on less than overwhelming graphics to get by (in most cases that is, there are - of course - exceptions), it's just I feel he could have said it a little better.

Rooftrellen4118d ago

Translation: "No one is willing to upgrade their PC to play Civilization, again, after they did it for Civ IV."

Really, I do think its time for some strategy games for consoles, but I don't think its that console gamers need these strategy games, because most console gamers are PC gamers too, if to a lesser extent. I think its time strategy games went to the consoles, where they can just be themselves, and we don't have to worry about system requirements on Civilization V, because, seriously, Civilization IV had huge requirements for a strategy game.

The strategy of the games should be in the game, not getting it installed, and with some people carring so much about graphics, these types of games should really flourish on consoles.

Bullseye4118d ago

Boy! It must be nice to live off constant re-hashes of the same game.Once it was a good game, now its just ancient history, if you'll excuse the pun.

sleekblackroadster4117d ago

civ's were too much the same.. there just isn't enough to do to differentiate yourself from the other nations and such.. i want a lot deeper game.. let me design my own buildings and wonders and units instead of just developing the same stuff everytime. if they get something like civ and spore and sim city and gta and company of heroes and cod and mixed them together and let you design and command things from whatever perspective you want on the fly then that would be cool. i always thought they would come farther with this genre by now instead its kind of stopped progressing and i just build my settler and stealth bombers and obliesks and get bored.