Report: One third of UK's games retailers are under threat

A new report from Research and Markets states that 33 per cent of the companies it analysed are 'in financial danger'.

It goes on to say that nine of the companies surveyed, including the likes of GAME, Gamestation, Woolworths and Blockbuster 'are blatantly selling at a loss to capture market share'.

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Capt CHAOS4118d ago

I cut out spending in the retailers (Gamestation was worse than Game for this), when they tried to screw me over when I purchased my xbox 360.

They just made me feel like they were doing me a favor by selling me an xbox 360 when I could have had less hassle purchasing online.

Lucreto4118d ago

I buy everything online. Why buy a game for €70 while you can get it for €55 on

Capt CHAOS4118d ago

Any online retailers who would give you a good trade-in value?

Alvadr4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

Woolworths are not only a games retailer. They sell everything from stationary to sweets. The game section is normally just 1 shelf right at the very back of the shop.

Cube4117d ago

Looks like more gamestops are coming to the uk.