No official TV cable for new PSP at GB launch

Game retailers will not be receiving official TV cables for the new PSP when it launches in Britain on September 14. An official spokesman for national retail chain GAME told GamesRadar that the cable, which is needed to play PSP games on a home TV set, would not be available at launch and that it was unknown when official units would arrive. It was also revealed that there won't be any colour choices available at launch - it's black only for now, with Ceramic White (and presumably the promised Ice Silver version) to follow at an unspecified date.

It seems odd that Sony would release the new model of PSP in the UK without letting gamers enjoy its best new feature from day one. It's worth noting that PS3 doesn't ship with an HDMI cable (unlike Xbox 360 Elite), but this isn't just a case of 'doesn't have one in the box'. Apparently they just won't be available from the get-go.

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barom4096d ago

Aren't the cables included in the PSP?

monkey6024096d ago

So the TV function doesnt work with the old psp?

BlackCountryBob4095d ago

@Barom: All he essential cables are in the box (USB etc) but the tv out cable is something you need to buy separately except as the article says, it is unknown when those cables will come into the stores.

@Monkey602: No, the TV out is a new feature on the PSP slim and lite/2000 and is not possible on the standard PSP fat and heavy mdel (couldn't think what else to call it).

Its a bit daft they wont be available on launch but I guess its not a major deal breaker IMO though if there is now anyone planning to upgrade the reasons why are much less now.

mighty_douche4095d ago

when the playstation tv thing comes out will i be able to stream tv programs from my ps3 (in my front room) to my psp over wi-fi and play them on my tv in the bedroom? if that was possible it would make for an amazing little feature. sony are doing some crazy stuff here, keep it up!!

AliC4095d ago

Why do we need to have a comment about PS3 boxes missing the HDMI cable, erm only a very small amount of people actually have a HD tv to make use of this cable.

While the elite may come bundled with lots of cables doesn't make it a better deal.

mighty_douche4095d ago

and you can pick one up for like £10, not a big deal really! plus you can look from the other side, if you havent got a hdtv why would you want to pay more because it comes WITH a hdmi cable!