No More Heroes gameplay videos

No More Heroes is one of the upcoming Wii titles that has really caught our eye with its Beam Katana-based battling and assassin driven storyline. And because it's being produced by Suda 51, the man behind the crazy but brilliant Killer 7, it's guaranted to have a much more adult theme than the average offerning for Nintendo's console.

Not much has been heard about No More Heroes since Gamesradar interview with the man himself back in December, but with the release of three, blink-and-you'll-miss-'em, teaser clips on the newly updatedofficial website everyone's at last given a fresh look at some of the gameplay.

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djt234123d ago

the game look so good
i am going to get it at lunch day

MACHone4123d ago

Yeah, dude, me too. It's sad though; I have a feeling this game will fly sadly under the radar, just like Killer 7 did. The Wii needs some big titles ASAP, too. Metroid was a great start, but I don't want to have to wait until November (Galaxy) before I pick up my Wii remote again.