Gran Turismo 5 initial install size revealed, takes 40 minutes to install

Gamersmint: A user who’s provided legit proof that he has the retail version of Gran Turismo 5 has revealed what the game’s initial install size is.


This installation is optional

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FishCake9T42471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Its going to be pretty tight for me but i will make space for GT, goodbye MW2. I don't need you any more.

OneSneakyMofo2471d ago

To all those who have already complained:

We've waited five years, what's another 40 minutes? After 40 minutes, you'll have pure perfection until GT6 :)

himdeel2471d ago

...I got plenty of HD space and as long as this game is in my house installation times are a mute point. When I have the friggen game in my house...then I'll know the game is real :)

Beefstew4u2471d ago

Tough fit for me too. I still have my original 60gb hdd.

Chuk_Chuk2471d ago

this is what my hardrive thinks

Redrum0592471d ago

I'd rather do the "full 10gb" "optional" install for a perfect and smooth 1080p 60fps car simulation experience.

anyone wanna argue with that.

Bromeslice2471d ago

MW2 doesn't even have an install, it takes up like 14 mb

Hellsvacancy2471d ago

Hmmmm, the GT5P install corrupted my old fat PS3s hdd, it was that bad i had 2 send it in2 Sony and get a replacement PS3, the replacement installed it no problem

Boody-Bandit2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

The 40 minute istall is OPTIONAL!
I have a 500gig drive so either way it's no big deal to me. I will do the full install.

Hideo_Kojima2471d ago

Good buy GT5p and Xmen 3 in 720p

ShinMaster2471d ago

Nvm. I'll more than likely install everything :D

jwk942471d ago

40 minutes is a while, id laugh if somebody was installing and just as it was at 99% they got YLOD. But GT5 looks amazing, not my type of game though.

Dac2u2471d ago

If you all didn't read it, you should know that the 40 minute install takes place while you're actually playing the game, according to the article. So, there's no need to wait after the initial 256MB install. I just wish I liked racing sims, I have 400GB free on my 500GB HDD. Eh, maybe I'll give this one a try, I haven't played GT since the first game.

ian722471d ago

The way I read it is that GT5 has an initial 40min install and after that while playing it installs more data on top of the first 40minutes worth of data.

PSFan1002471d ago

40 mins is fine, why? because i'm going to make many sandwiches while it's installing, i'm OBVIOUSLY going to need them.

Dac2u2471d ago

I mentioned in a post further down that I may be misinterpreting what I'm reading. I think you may be right.

So, it would mean that it takes 40 minutes to install 6.4ishGB and then installs the rest of the 10GB while you play. Someone mentioned it may be decompressing files as it installs, I think that's really the best explanation for why it takes so long.

Sarcasm2471d ago

It's optional and I will do it anyway.

Besides, every 360 game I have I do an install. Sure saves a lot of stress on the Disc drive in the long run.

Theonetheonly2471d ago

it is 40 mins to install 6.4 GB? if so that is sad.

if its like 50gb its still sad but not as sad as 6.4.

thats a really low transfer speed.

i wonder what the reason is.


i can rip a blu ray in like 20 mins. and that includes conversion time. 15 for straight transfer of bd.iso all while playing a game @ 1080x 1200

thats just me tho.

HolyOrangeCows2471d ago

GamersMint continues its FUD campaign, I see...

UltraNova2471d ago

My Toshiba 360gb 10000rpm HDD says hi!

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iPad2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

The installation is OPTIONAL!

nickjkl2471d ago

i think hes talking about spac eon his shelf since mw2 update is like less than 15 MB

shoddy2471d ago

I have 500gb so bring it on.

Can't wait.

phosphor1122471d ago

GT5 has only a 256mb mandatory install that is finished in minutes. There are two other options. A full 10 gig install or "install as you play," which will only install the content that you have been using/viewing up to the 10g mark. At any time there is a "stop install" option that lets you stop anywhere from 256 to 10 gigs of installed data.

St02471d ago

Yep, and if you don't click the install all at once, it'll install a little at a time when your flicking thru the menus. Looks like that from the leaked videos anyway

CernaML2471d ago

Dude that sounds awesome. More developers need to implement stuff like that in their games. Why is it so hard for some to use the HDD for data caching?

phosphor1122471d ago

Sony usually limits installs to 5gigs.. but i think that's for mandatory installs. But yeah, more devs should do what PD does. The options in GT5 are amazing. You can even turn of Anti Aliasing in GT5 just to make sure you get a constant 60fps.. just for those racing fanatics. But yeah, the install options they have in the leaked video shown earlier this week is amazing.

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10GB is optional.

256MB is required to install, but the best way to experience the game is to install 10GB.

psman0122471d ago

I bought a 120GB Hard Drive for my PS3, so I will just wait a few hours and do the full install. Thanks for the link!

zireno2471d ago

since I installed a 500 GB HDD a year ago on my PS3 I don't care about installs, that's what i like about sony, they give you the option to upgrade your HDD with any 2.5 SATA drives :)

Sarcasm2471d ago

So what? Microsoft gives you an optional HDD upgrade too. The catch is that you have to buy it from them, pay 5 times more than a regular 2.5SATA, and bend over backwards.

poopface12471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

I only had GT1 and 3 but am probably going to get this, I love buying all the cars that I will never have in real life.

I just dont get why it takes that long to install 10gigs, but my ps3 has around 100 gigs left so Im not worried.