Warhawk Servers Recieving More Maintenance

Warhawk servers will be down today between 13:00 and 15:00 to recieve scheduled maintenance.

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me_p3757d ago

How much maintenance they need.......................... .......

DeadIIIRed3757d ago

Go into your filter settings and change the Rank field to "My Rank." It worked for me and I'm able to join any game I try to join in seconds.

vidoardes3757d ago

Hopefully adding more ranked servers

paul_war3757d ago

Fine, I don't finish work till 17:00 anyway.

Shadow Flare3757d ago

That server room must be like a sauna. You can imagine the ps3's in that server room talkin to each other like, "Cor bro, its a bit hot in 'ere innit? haw haw" "Yeah mate, i've been working me chips off 'ere, its loverly". And 1 lone 360 is sitting amongst them, "LET ME OUT!! AAAHH I'M GONNA RING OUT!!!!"

BIadestarX3757d ago

Kind of funny how you had to bring the xbox 360 into this. Feel better now? Even when the xbox 360 have nothing to do with something that happens you Sony fanboys have to mention it. If you are frustrated because you have to wait 15 minutes to play a game and Sony's network is not capable of handling it you don't have to take it on the xbox 360 or xbox live.

TheExecutive3757d ago

actually bladestar, sonys network can handle it. They just need more servers. The network has very little to do with the issue, if a server is full its full, they just need to add more.

Lifendz3757d ago

I know what you mean. My PS3 doubles as a heater in the winter time. I'm glad it's so durable but man oh man does it get a room warm and quick.

reaferfore203757d ago

Calm down dude. It was a joke. haha?

Primetimebt3757d ago

I wouldn't worry about bladestar especially with the swinger icon he got going on. The guy trolls the PS3 news more than he plays his console like he has something to prove to us PS3 owners.

BIadestarX3757d ago

@Integra0019 - Actually... you are probably not to bright to see it.. but I never go into PS3 article and pop a flame. I response to you Sony fanboys comments. My comments are responses to stupid comments like " And 1 lone 360 is sitting amongst them, "LET ME OUT!! AAAHH I'M GONNA RING OUT!!!!"... And I response with facts, like, "You have to wait up to 15 minutes to join a game" a lie? Nope... I didnt make that up.. it's common knowledge.

He drop the bait and I happily took it. Ofcourse you Sony fanboys want to be able to flame the other camp.. but don't like when the other camp does the same. Blame it on [Shadow Flare]... you should start training your animals to stop barking if they are not ready to fight.

aiphanes3757d ago

Either get off you asss and go and get a PS3 and get warhawk or just shutup till Halo 3 comes out. I will see you in Halo 3, dog! I want to see you in warhawk! I want to battle with you my friend.

Also i am not trying to dog you, i am just trying to get you to get a PS3. You were going to get one once right?

Get off you asss and get with the real people! Get a PS3!

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djt233757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

a lot of maintenance for game that only have couple thousands play
i am just play around

spiderfish3757d ago

Do the math. Yesterday at least there were 1000+ servers online averaging roughly 12 people each one. That gives 10000+ online players.

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