Call of Duty: Black Ops Fatal Error Update

Call of Duty: Black Ops is still plagued by a majority of it's playerbase with varying issues and errors.

Currently, a common issue among PC players, the Fatal Error, still remains unresolved officially, with no fix in site. What gives Treyarch?

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kdogdaddy2713d ago

Still plagued by issues and errors making this game broken and unplayable.

Ninja-Sama2711d ago

And what makes it worse are the fanboys who cry "Oh the game runs perfectly fine, there's nothing wrong with it, stop crying!"

Treyarch really botched the release for this title on PC.

madara0sama2711d ago

Don't worry there's a patch tomorrow.

GrieverSoul2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )



SixZeroFour2711d ago

AAHAHA...that had me tearing up

sam22362711d ago

@madara0sama: Oh god, I can't stop laughing!! That's brilliant!

kdogdaddy2711d ago


That video was absolutely friggin hilarious!

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DarkSorrow2713d ago

I get the crashes too. Sometimes on map changes or it jsut stops responding to point you need to ctrl - alt - del to end the program!

Losi2713d ago

They are continuing to show their unyielding support for console, and a non-existing support for PC.

Kyster2712d ago

They have been updating console every 1-2 days with a new patch fixing things like small glitches and things o do with killstreaks and refuse to even let us play the base of the product. All they have done in a matter of 10 days is fix some of the lag issues... the game is turning out to be just as broken as MW2 was however at this point treyarch's showing that IWnet was better then their dedicated servers... what a shame.

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The story is too old to be commented.