Square Enix TGS Lineup

Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show lineup, announced today in Tokyo, is full of surprises, both good and bad. It turns out, for instance, that Dragon Quest IX will be shown, although in video form only. Also surprising is the video-only showing of The Last Remnant. That game appeared to be far enough along at the Square Enix Party earlier this year that IGN was expecting a playable debut.

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vidoardes4125d ago

Not what I was hoping for. Video only of FFXIII and Last Remanant, Parasite Eve is a mobile game only, and no show for any Kingdom Hearts. I hope Kingdom Hearts on the Wii will be one of the surprise announcements, and I hope we get to see new footage of XIII and XIII versus too, although I can understand Square not wanting to peak with the hype too soon

Alvadr4125d ago

FFXIII will probebly be playable for E308. Fingers crossed

djt234125d ago

they show look hot
finally i can see Dragon Quest IV
they are lot of mobile games

Vojkan4125d ago

This is alread known stuff, i am sure they will show something new.

xaphanze4125d ago

lets hope they show some gameplay of final fantasy 13 and make people lose their minds.

Alvadr4125d ago

Sweet - A new FFXIII vid. Hopefully gameplay mixed in with some cinematic.

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The story is too old to be commented.