2010 SpikeTV VG Awards are a Joke

PSUni writes "Every year the video game industry looks forward to pretty much the only televised award show for its product -- the Spike TV Video Game Awards. After all, the awards show goes all out with full on unannounced titles being revealed, huge industry figures handing out awards and all of the glitz and glamor that Hollywood has to offer. It's the time of year when the gaming industry is put on the same pedestal as the Oscars and the rest of the art world as a respectable medium in that field.

This year, however, the Spike TV VGAs are a complete joke."

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jay22948d ago

Dude, how the hell can you have an unreleased game that comes out, what 10 days before the show on the list?

DavePSU2948d ago

How did Donkey Kong Country Returns make it onto the list? It comes out a couple of days before Gran Turismo 5.

Exactly. Thanks for playing.

GoldPS32948d ago

That's str8 up BS. Donkey Kong make the list but not GT5? Like I said VGA is a joke. Don't take it serious.

NewsForMe2948d ago

"a couple of days before"

Exactly. Thanks for playing.

Elvfam5112948d ago

Nov 24th - Nov 21st = 3 days

Having 3 days apart = Disqualification in VGA's

Dumbest reply from NewsForMe = Priceless

RockmanII72948d ago

GT5 didn't make it because it might get delayed again. I'm 100% positive that it will be on next years list.

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AuToFiRE2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

the VGAs have always been a joke, this just proves it

edit: 800th comment

NYC_Gamer2948d ago

i'm just watching for the new game announcements

DavePSU2948d ago

I'm guessing that is the only reason 90% of the viewers will be watching.

sealion882948d ago

me too, I just want to watch new trailers.

johnthe5th2948d ago

But last year they didn't even let the internet audience see the trailers until much later!

All_4_One2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Same, I`m looking forward to seeing Bioware`s new game, along with a possible Sly 4 announcement.

As far as the awards, it`s pretty lame. I mean, there are hardly any games nominated. They basically exclude any game that`s not super popular. Boring. I could have called the nominations at the beginning of this year.

Megaton2948d ago

That's the only reason I watch. The show itself is horrible. Bunch of weak "celebrities" who couldn't care less about gaming, stumbling their way through the script to give out awards to a GT'd list of nominees. Fail with a capital F.

Xandet2948d ago

Is there really any OTHER reason to watch?

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-X-2948d ago

Why is it that Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood only have 1 nomination!!! The single-player gameplay beats AC2, and the online is decent enough! Manhunt is awesome!

DavePSU2948d ago

I agree 100% -- I've been playing ACB all day -- it's robbery that it's only up for one award... Also -- Lol @ COD being up for GOTY.

raztad2948d ago

really? COD is up for GOTY? HUGE FAIL

visualb2948d ago

and if you look, you might find someone or something associated with Activision is sponsoring them

Convas2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Does anyone actually watch the VGAs for anything besides the World Premiere Announcements?

I mean, that's all I watch 'em for, and honestly speaking, without those announcements, the VGAs would get WAY less coverage and/or notice.

Agent-862948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

I haven't watched the VGA's since the first one which was just an over-glorified rap video. It was pathetic: hardly anything about games and all about music and dance routines. Sorry, but I'll stick to real gaming sites to see awards.

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