New Lost Odyssey Screenshots

Strategy Informer has posted up 9 new screenshots for Lost Odyssey.

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boi4125d ago

RPG's atlast, good looking next gen RPG's can't wait for any of them to come out for the PS3/360...It seems its taking forever for a true next gen RPG to come out on the PS3/360...I just can't wait for it all :D

ParaDise_LosT4125d ago

Love this game..
none of that realtime mixed with timebased...

Just good ol'Timebased JRPG...ohhhh how I missed you!....

Scrooge4125d ago

Why does the main character have to look like an ultra-homo? Other than that, the game looks good.

allforcalisto4055d ago

you like your men to look like this?

predator4055d ago

cant wait fir his next masterpeice, in my eyes blue dragon was awesome, loved every minute of that gem, to bad it didnt get the sales it should of, lets hope lost odyssey does.