Call Of Duty Black Ops Performance of GPU & CPU

Call of Duty Performance Test of 19 GPU & CPU done by guys at TechSpot

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Johnny-GS2586d ago

Great article, they should done it earlier...

ct032586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

The CPU scaling chart shows how bad this port is. There is no reason why a multiplatform title should be this CPU dependent.

Going from 2 Ghz to 4 Ghz almost doubles the frame rate?!

ProjectVulcan2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Good to see the old i7 920 still kicking ass though :-)

Fishy Fingers2586d ago

I'd like to see a comparison using the same GPU(s) with several different CPU configs, as that seems to be the issue with most people, their CPU causing a bottleneck.

Wahad9872586d ago

Yup yup i know, that should be interesting. Anyway, you have topic on steam forums about how game runs on different configurations, user made of course

assaulth3ro9112586d ago

This is kinda late, also, this should help people if they want to buy Black ops...

Wahad9872586d ago

Well no one had a copy of COD BO before release date, so that's the main reason for such a late article

hoops2586d ago

I am running twin 5970's in my rig and I for one would not put this ass glitch game in my system until they fix all the issues.

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