PlayStation 2 Still Dominates PS3, Xbox 360

Since its inception in late 2000 Sony's PlayStation 2 has sold a reported 115 million units worldwide making it the best selling console in history. And given its affordable price and large library of games, it shows no signs of slowing.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4119d ago

For all the people who did not belive me and disagreed and flamed me because I said PS2 is owning.

cloud3604119d ago

if only sony removed the blu-ray player in the ps3....

it wud sell like hot cakes...

@ $399/$299

Shadow Flare4119d ago

who wants a dvd player for $400? Bluray anyday thanks

crck4119d ago

Its costing them about $25 now. So you guys can finally stop crying about the blu-ray player driving up the price of the system now. Not to mention many people including myself got one in part because of it. You can shift your blame to the Cell processor, built-in wifi, bigger harddrive and Sony's higher quality assembly process. Kotaku showed a price chart for the ps3 and xbox 360 before. Sony spends $30 putting every ps3 together while MS spends $6.

BloodySinner4119d ago

Since it has killer AAA games to back it up, why not? I'll take the $400 price tag.

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N4GayFanturds4119d ago

players & movies are still dominating BluRay & Hd-DVD players.

Now on to some REAL news.

killer_trap4119d ago

if there's one thing bad i can say about the ps2 it's this...

"i wasted alot of my time on that system". one year after lunch and it was game after game after game.

truly the king of video game history.(and future if things keep going the way they are!!!!).

BIadestarX4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

I think everyone in this site have a PS2... Who is this news suppost to attack? Xbox 360 fans? If anything this is an insult against the PS3... this is problably the first time in game history where almost one year after the last gen console beats the next gen console.
I remember when SNes came out... who wanted a Nes? Sony needs to unplug the PS2 already... it's not like the PS3 can't play PS2 games... it's obvious that the PS2 apeals more than the PS3 primarily due to price. I think the industry needs to move on... Sony should concentrate of lowering the price of the PS3 and developers to make games on the PS3. The existance of the PS2 is hurting the PS3... games being made for the PS2 should be made for the PS3.

BloodySinner4119d ago

Very intelligent post. Bubbles for you, my friend.

Maddens Raiders4119d ago

that I have found a post out of the pile and agree with you nearly 100%. I do believe that nearly everyone posting on this site that's 18 years old or older has owned a PS2. Ok, no need for flaming there's no more doubting what the PS2 has accomplished as far as home consoles go: Best Ever to this point. Period.

Sony should move on, but it's a fine line between "moving on" and abandoning the loyals who wish to play your beloved system -- it's somewhat akin to ripping the food line out of a bed ridden patient's mouth and letting them die. Where and how do you make the transistion? Should it just go on forever until the sales fall below 20% of market per month or do you just dedicate a "forever" line to it -- make it super small and continue to support it? Or, do you take it away like a Hall of Fame quarterback (John Elway) and just shut it down for nostalgia's sake? Hard questions indeed, especially for something as successful as it.

YEs, devs working on PS2 games (and there aren't many anymore) should wholly turn their attention to making those games for the PS3 and slowly try to turn all PS2 focus towards the PS3. It's really kind of hard if you think about it -- because either way SNE is going to catch flak for "abandoning" the 'People'. Know what I mean?

N4GayFanturds4119d ago (Edited 4119d ago )

In 1994, I went with PS1 because I knew with Sony's media resources and deeper pockets, they would probably change the gaming world for the better-beating Sega and Nintendo. I was right.

Prior to that my last console was Sega Genesis. I never owned any Nintendo products cause they felt too childish for me. Anyone remember the Genesis vs SNES graphics war with Mortal Kombat (Nintendo opted to leave the blood out).

I was in Japan in early 2001 and I played Ridge Racer on the Dreamcast prior to it's U.S. release. I thought the controllers were too awkward and the graphics were so-so, not spectacular. Consoles were out for me & I started PC gaming online (Unreal Tournament).

By late 2001, I heard that most people were complaining about PS2's DVD drive and that it hardly had any games almost a year after it's release. Then I heard MS was getting in the business & their console would be online 6 months to a year after it's release.

Well, I got the same vibe with MS as I had with Sony. I felt if there was anyone who could stand strong enough to compete with Sony, it would be MS. They have deep pockets and they know software. So, I invested in the Xbox and have been happy ever since. Online gaming since 2002.

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