Nintendo continues software domination - Japanese top 20

Japanese top 20 includes just four non-Nintendo platform titles. Another successful week last week of software sales in Japan for Nintendo saw PlayStation platforms represented by just four titles in the top 20. According to data from Media Create, three of those came in the top 10, including new number one Sengoku Musou: Moushouden.

However, the rest of the top 20 was entirely made up of titles for the DS or Wii, and there was just one PlayStation 3 title in the entire top 50 – Hot Shots Golf 5, at number 17.

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djt234118d ago

they was no xbox 360 games on list or top 100 that just sad
least we see ps3 game they are lot of ds and wi games too

Kastor_Troii4118d ago

Will continue to be that way boys and girls!!! Your so called Next-gen systems aren't even capable of delivering last gen games,how so you ask??? Well ill be happy to answer that sh1t right now....Read the sofware numbers biatches....Nintendo gots games by the ass loads,and good content,not just crap that sits on store shelves collecting dust..."xbox360"'cou gh'....anyways just thought id share that info.Nintendo knows how to do it right.Long Live Nintendo!!