MTV Hands-On: How "LocoRoco" On PS3 Takes Unexpected Twists

Is it a game? Is it a screen-saver? What is "LocoRoco Cocoreccho!"? MTV's Stephen Totilo went hands-on with it and he clears the confusion up:

"Sony apologized in advance. They weren't sorry for the quality of the game: it's as lively, colorful and engaging as the PSP original and looked highly polished. They just hadn't had much time with the title, only getting it on Friday from the home office. They weren't sure how to unlock every little thing. But together we managed plenty, and had a good time with it.
So IGN reports that this thing is a screensaver. Is it? My Sony reps didn't describe it that way, but maybe it is. It certainly played like a game to me. We loaded it out of the PS3 dashboard like we would any other PSN title. And, like most games, it had a goal."

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Adamalicious4119d ago

A lot of conflicting info on this one. Would be nice to get some official word from the developers.