Nintendo's Wii Outsells PlayStation 3-to-1 in Japan

Nintendo, the world's biggest maker of handheld games, sold 245,653 Wii machines, compared with Sony's 81,541 PlayStation consoles in the four weeks to Aug. 26, researcher Enterbrain Inc. said in a faxed statement today.
Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft sold 11,288 Xbox 360s in Japan in August, Enterbrain said.

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cloud3603673d ago

semms like dragon quest is selling consoles in japan. Dragon Quest Swords....

Dragon QWuest VII is the best selling game ever created in japan. soo i thin kits coz of DQ

resistance1003673d ago

Wow sony really are closing the gap

last month it was 4-1 and the month before it was 6-1

xg-ei8ht3673d ago

Its just price.

Simple as that.

lawler3673d ago

Yea, keep thinking that.

djt233673d ago

wow wii is laying the smackdown

paul_war3673d ago

Well the Wii actually has games and more online support in Japan. I'm in the UK, got mine at Launch, finished Zelda, got frustrated with Red Steel, what can I do now? Vote!

resistance1003673d ago

Not alot

We don't even have Super paper mario in the UK yet, never mind MP3:C

diatom3673d ago

It's great for checking the weather!

(If you don't have any windows)

paul_war3673d ago

If I really wanted to I can check the news & weather on on the PS3's internet browser. I just want the Wii's 1st party games, I didn't know they would take this long to come out...

lawler3673d ago

Mercury Meltdown, Kororinpa, Godfather, Scarface. Think that's about it really. Always worth checking out the good Gamecube games, they're so cheap now.

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The story is too old to be commented.