Call Of Duty 4 In Third Person

The COD series is renowned for its FPS genre and style so when a glitch popped up in the recent COD4 Beta that enabled you to play in 3rd person it was quite surprising. Although not being able to recreate it again this surely opens the doors to PC modders enabling to play the game fully in 3rd Person.

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solidt124120d ago

that doesn't even look like COD4

cod4forums4120d ago

Have you viewed the video in the link?...

xaphanze4120d ago

they put a wrong picture in the news.

cod4forums4120d ago

Nah I just searched 3rd person in google and that's the pic I chose. Sorry for the confusion.

Genki4120d ago

That's one glitch I think one would be a fool to try and exploit.

mighty_douche4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

would anyone even want to play this in 3rd person? the reason i love FPS's is because you dont have a charactor to look at, makes you feels more like its 'you' in the game rather than just controlling someone!

edit: oops double post sorry!

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