Prince of Persia HD Titles Coming to North America (And Splinter Cell Collection Annouced)

IGN: "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within will be available for download on PSN this coming holiday.

CEO Yves Guillemot also confirmed on the publisher's earnings call this morning it will release HD remakes of the first three Splinter Cell titles, but did not provide further details"

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HolyOrangeCows2350d ago

Oh Splinter Cell....return and remind this generation what stealth really is.

MariaHelFutura2350d ago

Your gonna get bombarded by MGS fans. For good reason, I might add.

BTW, Yes I would enjoy a HD remake of the 1st and Chaos Theory.

seinfan2350d ago

Is this only for PS3? I prefer the 360 controller, but I wouldn't mind getting HD remakes of those 3 games for the PS3 if that was my only option.

JAMurida2350d ago

"Yes I would enjoy a HD remake of the ***1st and Chaos Theory.***"

Those two were the best in the series. Even to this day I still can't decide which one was better between them. If I had to call though, Chaos Theory, though the first Splinter Cell had a really good story to it.

Man... If they add trophy support on top of that..... I'll be all over it.

imvix2350d ago

Question will any of these remakes work on the next console? or will people need to buy them all over again.

OhReginald2350d ago

umm splinter cell did return with splinter cell conviction...but is didn't remind us so much of how the game is stealthy...

HolyOrangeCows2350d ago

I mean the spirit of Splinter Cell needs to return.

theIMP2350d ago

Guess ya'll forgot Double Agent.

showtimefolks2350d ago

if usa users willm only get them on psn much rather have disks is a good site by ebay will be cheaper

showtimefolks2348d ago

i don't think we have to worry about next-gen 2.0 for another 4-6 years

so enjoy these while you can

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gaden_malak2350d ago

Wow the remakes are flooding in now.

Zachmo1822350d ago

Now we just need the freaking GTA HD remakes.

nycredude2350d ago

I like to look at it as fan service and a steal for me! Mostly a difference in perspective. Glass half full mentality.

CobraKai2350d ago

Wait, it's only on blu-ray in Europe? Aww man!!!

AKissFromDaddy2350d ago

playasia(dot)com for imports :-)

CobraKai2350d ago

cool. thanks I may just do that.

Bathyj2350d ago

Download only or will there be a retail copy.

I prefer to own the disc, plus alot of my downloads dont seem to work.

Anyone else have the corrupt data error on PSN?

showtimefolks2350d ago

but either way ps3 is region free so just import i am also like you much rather have disks than downlaod version

playasia(dot)com for imports(CobraKai site provided by that user)

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The story is too old to be commented.