Massive Price Cut On Xbox 360 Premium @ Amazon - $1

That's right, you get a .285% discount on the Xbox 360 Premium model with HDMI. Don't wait, this offer might not last for long!

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FordGTGuy3759d ago

I guess it might help with taxes.

mikeslemonade3759d ago

There is no tax. And 360 is pathetic because this 1 dollar discount actually dropped the 360 down to #21 and before it was in the top 20s.

Evil0Angel3759d ago

amzon knows that .
while with ........ they have to throw 3 free BR which is about 80$ to sell, why ?

cause 360 got games and people want to play games

bung tickler3759d ago

a penny saved is a penny earned...

Satanas3759d ago

This was my exact frame of mind at the time of reading this submission's title.

Chris_GTR13759d ago

OMG im lucky i saw this! time to buy the 360 ive been waiting for! :)

Jdash243759d ago

wow with that dollar you save you can either buy a candy bar or a lotto ticket, sounds like a good deal

ends sarcasm

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The story is too old to be commented.