TGP: Merry Christmas, You’re Fired

This has been a horrible Tuesday for the games industry. Activision says goodbye to Bizarre Creations, Budcat Studios gets shut down, and Lucas Arts is laying off staff.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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MGRogue20172683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Not going to be a very nice Christmas for everyone at Bizarre Creations, it seems :(

AAACE52682d ago

I wonder if people will still think MS letting go of Bizarre Creations was a bad idea?

Anyway, this sux for those developers, but more than likely, they will land a job somewhere else or form their own studios. Hopefully, they bring their AAA game next time!

Acquiescence2682d ago

to lay them off AFTER Christmas and not a month before it. Ethics man, it's not as if Activision are scrambling for monies right now, especially seeing as how we're in the aftermath of Black Ops' release.

I'm genuinely starting to believe this man is a pure embodiment of evil. Whatever he is, he's cold-hearted and consumed by greed.

Elven62682d ago

I've heard the employees at Budcat for one are getting some really nice severance packages so as long as they get them it isn't all bad. Quite a few developers don't even get severance packages due to legal issues for quite some time after they are let go.

Bizarre is still around and on Activision's pay for at least another 3 months excluding severance that may follow.

badz1492682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

anybody who he can't use to make CoD or GH or spiderman, will live in hell under him! Bizzare unfortunately falls under non-CoD dev type thus not interesting to this douchebag!

the philosophy is sickening! provide devs with limited resources but give them short time of development so games can be released quickly, of course games turned out bad but unlike CoD which people buy regardless of being broken, games like blur can't stand a chance!

GlowingPotato2683d ago

on the picture, is evil... i'm just saying

Quagmire2683d ago

And the Santa hat only makes it worse

bailoutbenny2682d ago

made me laugh hard as hell, i love it.

dredgewalker2682d ago

Nice picture of Satan Claus. I heard he gives coal to good gamers.

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LastDance2683d ago

It would be ironic if the staff who made Force Unleashed 2 had severly limited time to make the game.

scar202683d ago

Every time i see that smile someone is dying in mexico.

dredgewalker2682d ago

I hope that's not true cause that would cause a genocide!

MajestieBeast2682d ago

Sad to see this they are probably each gonna go their own way like pandemic did.

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The story is too old to be commented.