Crytek: “You don’t make a 90 plus rated game with a 30 rated bush in the game”

Crysis 2’s executive producer Nathan Camarillo has said Crytek’s goal as a company is to ” ship high quality, high rated products” and in order to do so, you have to start with a number, like the once handed out by EA Partners boss David DeMartini.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Camarillo wouldn’t admit the firm was feeling pressure over DeMartini stating back in August Crysis 2 was going to be “another 90 rated game from Crytek”; however, he did admit it’s hard for anyone to release a high quality product.

“It’s always difficult to release a high quality product,” he said. ‘You can’t take a 60 rated team and make a 90 rated game. That’s probably impossible. Let’s say you’re making a 90 plus rated game. Everything you do, every aspect that goes into the game, every person working on it, has to be 90 plus rated, or you don’t get to 90 plus rated.

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Chaostar2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I hooked up with a girl once that had a 30 rated bush o_0

OT: I dunno about anyone else but I got the impression that they were angling to delay the game maybe. Well as long as I don't see any 30 rated shrubbery come launch day I'll be happy :D

SKUD2868d ago

Big fan of the in game landing strip.

inveni02868d ago

I've got a bad feeling there will be a lot of 60-rated items in the console versions of this game.

frostypants2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Probably the same on mid-range PCs as well.

PC reviews should be based on mainstream system specs, not powerhouses running at max detail with $300 graphics cards.

The average person's PC CANNOT play games at much greater detail than a console.

CrzyFooL2868d ago

Let Jim Sterling rate your girl's bush.

Tachyon_Nova2868d ago

Jokes aside, it sounds like Crytek are taking a good approach with getting heaps of people from the outside to play through before shipping. Listen up Activision, and start doing the same thing with COD so that we don't have repeats of the napalm barrel fiasco in black ops or the same games spawn system issues, particularly on Nuketown!

Cock4Gamers2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

the average person's pc can't run any games at all. The average PC GAMER'S computer will probably run the most demanding of games at med/high for 1080p+ resolutions and high for lower than 1080p resolutions.

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awiseman2868d ago

But it sounds kinda like Cryteck making fun of Tryarch and other*cough* Infinity Ward*cough* COD devs.

Ducky2868d ago

I thought they were getting around the bush problem by doing it all in an urban environment?

rdgneoz32868d ago

So, remove the bush for a sleek environment?

Shackdaddy8362868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Nah. There still doin bushes. Just on top of buildings now :)

Sarcasm2868d ago

I think we can all agree though that removing the bush will make it a 90. At least that's how I like my women.

brew2868d ago

Gran Turismo 5 will prove otherwise.

MariaHelFutura2868d ago

Yes, while I`m going 300 mph I`m gonna be looking at the quality of the bushes.

Masterchef20072868d ago

the motion will blur the bushes so much that you wont notice them

Xfanboy2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

They were talking about every era of the game being high quality!! even the

I believe them.


crappy camera..

PS360PCROCKS2868d ago

oh ok lol cool makes sense

2868d ago
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