Gran Turismo 5 Unboxing

A new video has just recently been uploaded to YouTube showing an unboxing of the much anticipated Gran Turismo 5, Sadly.. It’s only 0:52 long but definately worth a watch anyway.

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Narutone662744d ago

I'm jealous I have to wait until next week to get this game.

NecrumSlavery2744d ago

I like how he unwraps it like its a wonka bar.

Only a week to go!!!

FalconR2892744d ago

@NecrunSlavery-I wonder who gave him a golden ticket because that guy is a lucky bastard for have GT5 right now.

zireno2744d ago

Me too >:( I wish I could play it right now. I picked up my GT racing wheel today, and man!! I'm so happy with it, I have never played a game with a racing wheel and obviously never owned one but when I played the demo of need for speed shift with it today, I felt soo dumb for not having one for so long. Anyone on the fence about getting one, I recommend 100% getting it.

monkpunk12744d ago

me too been playing prologue with it, going back to a pad now is like playing guitar hero with a pad.... Really good racing wheel. Scared the life out of me when it calibrated up!

jjohan352744d ago

Racing games are so much better with a wheel.

MVGeneral2744d ago

I just ordered a Thrustmaster Ferrari Gt Racing Wheel (the one IGN reviewed for 8.5)
Can't wait to get it. I do understand that its not as good as a GT Wheel from Logitech but I'm tight on money and I just want one for fun, nothing serious.

dragon822744d ago

I agree 100%. I have my Logitech Driving Force GT on arriving bfore GT5 gets here. I can't wait to play GT5 with it. There is no way I am playing it with a controller.

nix2743d ago

zireno... i felt the same.. dumb. q:

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49erguy2744d ago

Damn I'm glad we're gonna have the color on our cases. The other ones were just black and white. Amazon release date delivery of course.

DigitalAnalog2744d ago

Somewhere, somebody driving a car awaiting for GT5 just crashed because he suddenly "jizzed" in his pants.

-End statement

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C L O U D2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

The blue and red....Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Fresh game smell as well... Mmmmmmmmmmm

EDIT: 0:55

TANUKI2744d ago

lol, I second the fresh game smell!

electricshadow2744d ago

EVERY time I get a new game, I always put my face right up to the game and do a huge inhale. I'm pretty sure I get a little high off of it. xD Yes, I'm an odd one.

jwk942744d ago

I remember when I got my ps3 and uncharted 2 last year and I took a big whiff of Uncharted 2 and my friends were like o_O I think he's high.

PshycoNinja2744d ago

They put crack on the edge of blue ray disks so that way you keep buying more!

Genecalypse2744d ago

Well, I guess it really is coming out then

havethumbs2744d ago

oh my god oh my god a game.

MGRogue20172744d ago

What the hell is wrong with you? This ain't just some game.. It's GT5!

saint_john_paul_ii2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

not just a game. its GT5. and this confirms no more Delays as well.

despair2744d ago

huh didn't think of that but yea thats true lol

despair2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Not just a game man its The Real Driving Simulator :)

karl2744d ago

its not just a game

im not sure what my feelings for GT5 make it be but

ill tell u ... i preorder the collectors edition and i dont even have the money to pay for it...

some how i will get it before release... i dont know how but im not losing my copy

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