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UnSelf2830d ago

nice update. alot to tie me over til the 24th

if u dont kno why that date is important, kindly kill urself

harv0522830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Shame North America isn't getting the Prince of Persia collection on Blu ray disk. Sucks big time! Importing maybe?

despair2830d ago

yea I would do that if it was an option for me but sadly it isn't.

Theoneneo812830d ago

I'm now roaly kicking my self for buying hustle kings a week earlier damn you ps+ :) oh well crazy taxi should be a good buy

Pen152830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Nice update, shame I already own Shatter though.
Why is this in the PSP section?

Zones2830d ago

Because this update is for both PS3 and PSP, meaning that if you have a PSP and you visit the PlayStation Store with it, you will see the Store has been updated with new PSP contents.

Pen152830d ago

It was only in the PSP section. Glad to see someone tagged it for the PS3 section too.

Kithara122830d ago Show
GLoRyKnoT2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Tester 2 ep3 is all there is 4me So wee!

EDIT: No complaints :)

SmokeyMcBear2830d ago

just saw the first episode. Glad they got rid of that douchebag maxim. sucks that boo had to go, she was a cutie pie.

mrmikew20182830d ago

I just started getting into the tester series bro. But it's crazy how they didn't let go of that geeky girl who don't even own a PS3 yet

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