Majin 'Completely Different' from The Last Guardian

Ever since Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom was first revealed, a contingent of gamers have been writing it off as a "clone" of The Last Guardian, even though nobody's seen more than ten minutes of Team ICO's game. Destructoid asked producer Daisuke Uchiyama what he made of these accusations of plagiarism.

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MrMccormo2869d ago

I played the demo and it was hella boring. They should be embracing any comparisons to Last Guardian.

despair2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

strange how many varying views I've seen on this game's demo, I personally want to get the game just for the lighthearted feel of it. Sure it wasn't the most exciting demo I played but it was still very enjoyable and I think I would like the interactions between the boy and the Majin, even if the Majin voice is not the greatest.

That said no one can ever test Team ICO for game atmosphere and emotional impact, the two games are not really alike.

captain-obvious2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

the heck is Majin ??
is it a game ???
if it is then i swear to god this is the first time i ever hear this name

and that big thing in that pic looks creepy

gaffyh2868d ago

I was looking forward to playing Majin, but the demo was extremely slow and boring, so I will give it a miss now.

despair2868d ago

yea the game is under the radar but there was a demo up a while back. Only reason I know about the game is from a Qore episode they talked to the developers.

Chris3992868d ago

Graphics were pretty rough and the combat was unintuitive. I liked the fact that it was more action oriented than SOTC, but I didn't feel that the action was executed well.

The voice-work was leaning toward painful too.

Igneel2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

But you havent played the last gardian.

@ disagree:

well , have you played the Last Guardian?

mrcash2868d ago

why should they embrace them when the game isnt even out, for all we know it might be horrible, im looking forward to it so i hope it isnt but lets not be stupid.

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Malicious2868d ago

I thought it was obvious that this game was completely different from The Last Guardian. The only thing that's the same is you have a big friend helping you.

SuperKing2868d ago

I heard some former ICO developers worked on this. Might check it out.

labwarrior2868d ago

and solve puzzles

They are in fact so similar that puzzles me how they are making Last Guardian, when now offers nothing new

They should redesign the game or make another one, otherwise would loose big

DigitalAnalog2868d ago

I've never seen a more deluded comment in my life.

-End statement

maxcer2868d ago

its always like that around here, people claim this game or that game is the best but the bloody thing isn't even out yet.

Shane Kim2868d ago

You are a well known Bot labwarrior, you spew the same shit in GT forums as well. Therefore your comments are of no relevance.

poopface12868d ago

these games are a rip off of a boy and his blob on NES right?

jneul2868d ago

you really done it now, way to be the most wrong person on here, no one has played on the last guardian, so you cannot say how it works at all...

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byeGollum2868d ago

it was fun to play for me
i'll get it... but for those that buy games based on reviews .... ... .. .

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