Motorstorm breaks a million at vgchartz

According to, Motorstorm broke 1 million, selling .38 million in Europe, .63 million in America, and .08 million in Japan. Making the total sales at 1.09 million.

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nasim4093d ago

MO alone sold over a million in NA.

why are people still posting VGCHARTS fig

ps3 has sold over 6 million and vgcharts has it at 4.4 million and x360 has sold <10 m and it is over 10m there

Evil0Angel4093d ago

i do not know:are u dumb or you pretending to be dumb ?
anyway your dumb made up comments always make my day
(X X X)

ShiftyLookingCow4093d ago

its well deserved. I would love to see a lot more of Motorstorm either dlc or sequel

heavymetal3k4093d ago

Motorstorm broke 1 mil a few months ago.

FirstknighT4093d ago

Makes you wonder what the hell ps3 owners are playing. 4.2 million ps3s in the world and their aren't many choices. Motorstorm is one of the few highly rated games in the ps3. I would think Motorstorm would easily sell more than a million.

Demon19804093d ago

Not everyone likes racing games duma$$

Mario184093d ago

What about when there was Halo for the Xbox... The only reason why it got so many sold is because the xbox had absolutely no other games.

reaperxciv4093d ago (Edited 4093d ago )

either 1)watching movies & 2)bashing people on

TOO BAD, n4g ain't fun anymore

Zhuk4093d ago

Motorstorm was a poor title, but one of the better PS3 launch titles so it isnt surprising considering the lack of quality games on the system

ngg123454093d ago

I usually own the system and rented/own the game. I don't review the game on the basis of playing a demo at walmart.

Zhuk4093d ago

funny that considering I own a PS3, I just don't waste my money buying rubbish games

LOFT3164092d ago

games you got let us decide if there rubbish or not

SabreMan4092d ago

everyone has an opinion which they are entitled to but saying motorstorm is a poor title loses you all credibility and is an insane comment for any gamer.
I myself didn't like Motorstorm much as i like track racers but gave it a good go, however i don't think it's a poor title it's a stunning title in every department.
It's just not to my taste but it's still a stunning title, i seriously doubt you own any console because regardless of what system a gamer owns he/she knows how good Motorstorm is even if it's not to his/her taste.

You seriously have no clue

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The story is too old to be commented.