No Added Sugar: Hands-on: Sniping Spies at Chris Hecker's Party

Gerard goes hands on with the intriguing episonage game about tricking your opponent into believing you're AI.

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mcullin2587d ago

I love the concept. Finally, something properly original!

noaddedsugar2587d ago

Every time I think of this game I'm reminded of that level in Mission Impossible on the Nintendo 64 where you have to navigate your way around a party at an ambassador's residence whilst spying. If this game can channel some of the tension and excitement that I recall from this, then we're in for a treat.

NeoKubrick2586d ago

Exactly the same imagery I thought of when first hearing about this game. Hopefully, he can execute on this difficult concept.

borisfett2587d ago

Wouldn't mind seeing where this goes.

thebeardedwordsmith2587d ago

Totally agree, this sounds original, or at least different, which is so rarely seen. Going on my hit list....