Bloodline Champions: Preorders Open

With the open beta of Bloodline Champions slated for a December 15th release, Stunlock Studios and Funcom has just recently opened up Pre-orders for their innovative and unique arena PvP title.

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kdogdaddy2829d ago

Absolutely LOVED the closed beta, looking forward to the updates and changes, and most DEFINITELY laying down some cash for pre-order!

Ryuji12829d ago

This is a great game. Fun fast pvp! Worth it all the way.

kdogdaddy2828d ago

I absolutely love the style and speed of the PvP matches.

DarkSorrow2829d ago

Might have to check it out. I'll see though. To many games right now on my list :(

Losi2828d ago

Its one of those great filler games that no one really knows about.

kdogdaddy2828d ago

Completely agree with you, a great little game that has some amazing potential.

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