MMORPG "Perfect World" International, near completion.

Most people may have not heard of this game, Due to it being only in Asian languages. So it has not had much english internet coverage and growth in our online communities.

But recently, The Malaysian version of Perfect World have been working on an International English version for the whole world to play. And is expected to be released for beta sometime this month.

Now some of you may be thinking this is just another MMORPG knock off, But it truly isn't. Not only does this game have outstanding graphics compared to most MMORPG's. It has the most detailed character customization out of any MMORPG. And many features that most games do not, But you will have to check it our yourself to see the many unique things this game offers.

When you first visit the website, Some may think, Hey this looks like the WoW website, And yes it does looks like the WoW website. But the game similarities stop there. This game is in no way like WoW, It greatly surpasses it.

One of the greatest points this game has over others, is that it is F2P (free to play) for life. It is funded by a Cash Shop, Where you can buy many clothing accessories, mounts, mild power ups and many other things. And with this cash shop, unlike other F2P games. The power ups in this cash shop won't cause the game to become unbalanced.

Perfect World has great potential, So check it out for yourself. I'm sure you'll be hooked ;).

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Azures4121d ago

The fact the website looks SO MUCH like the WoW website is already a turn off, lazy company!

Kakkoii4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Malaysia did not create this game, It is merely a Malaysian company that is setting up an international version of it. So do not judge it on that website.

The game was first made by the Chinese.
Here is the First and Official Website for Perfect World.

risk4121d ago

tried was beyond boring and i was hyping this game.

Kakkoii4121d ago

Well the Malaysian version is still in a low version, so a lot of things aren't implemented yet. And obviously it's not going to be as fun when your playing with a world full of people who don't speak your language. Did you even have the fan made english patch?

CAPS LOCK4120d ago

are there any charges on this game monthly? Like a subscription?

Kakkoii4120d ago

Nope, as I stated. This game is F2P (Free to Play), FOR LIFE.

Free means.. NO COST lol.

djt234120d ago

wow the game look good i wonder if my laptop could handle it
i know it can
any Asia game have F2P (Free to Play) unlike they wester gaming company