Hidden Message in Metroid 3

Nintendo is sneaky, but it's more silly than anything else. This is no "hot coffee."

A gamer has found a hidden audio clip, that is apparently from Nintendo's Satoru Iwata.

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ReBurn4123d ago

I remember when games were littered with easter eggs like this. I hope we see more stuff like this in the future.

scarlett_rg4123d ago

Lol... I've been wondering what that message said!

I thought it was maybe a bug... something that they forgot to translate for the English release.

Now that I know, that's actually pretty funny.

Covenant4123d ago

Paging Warren Robinett...

So it's an Easter Egg.

But I was REALLY hoping for some Samus, "Hot Coffee-Style."


BrotherNick4123d ago

He gets fatter and fatter cause the wii is printing money. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.