Fake Kinect Game 'MotionSwinger' Touts Motion Control Sex

Funny stuff. I know nothing gets me going (or Germans for that matter) like the Hoff. So like the game says, it's time to turn on your Xbox, plug in your Kinect and get naked. It's time to move your ass and make some yummy love.

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Taggart4512654d ago


I doubt that anything like this would ever come to market, despite how I'm sure there are developers who would make it. Microsoft is incredibly strict with the content the allow on XBLA so a FULL RETAIL game would be inconceivable.

doctorstrange2654d ago

Who would buy this?


ftwrthtx2654d ago

Porn always sells and video game porn is no different. I'll have to pass though.

Trexman892654d ago

We need to protect the fake children!!!!!

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