Hitachi's Blu-ray Disc Camcorders Specs & Pics

Officially announced just a month ago in Japan, Hitachi's Blu-ray disc camcorders were one of the big hits at IFA this week. The camcorders use the world's highest resolution 5.3 megapixel CMOS sensor and store 1920x1080 Full HD video on 8cm Blu-ray disc media and hit stores across Europe in October. Two models will be available, both of which can output to display devices via HDMI port – one with a Blu-ray disc and Multiformat+ DVD burner drive that will store an hour of 1920x1080 footage; and the other a hybrid with the same drive plus a 30GB hard disk that adds another four hours of full HD recording.

The new models are the Hitachi BD70E (Blu-ray disc and Multiformat+ DVD burner drive) and the BD7HE (a Hybrid Blu-ray disc + hard disk drive camcorder with a 30GB hard disk drive as well as an 8cm Blu-ray disc and Multiformat+ DVD burner drive). Both models utilize 8cm mini Blu-ray discs or 8cm DVD-RAM, RW, R and +RW media making them compatible with both the new benchmark in Full HD optical disc media, Blu-ray disc, and backwardly compatible with the most popular and less expensive 8cm DVD formats.

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Figboy4096d ago

your immortal *SOUL!

anyway, that's pretty badass. i think i'll wait a few years for that however.

i can't imagine it being anything less than a few grand at the start.

pwnsause4097d ago

this is the reason why BD might win, expanding the disc format to cameras

Demon19804097d ago

EXACTLY. Most of the people on hd-dvd ONLY care about the movies. But there are a lot of other ways of winning a format war and that is expanding the technology into other fields.

psychotic_duck4097d ago

That is an UGLY looking video camera lol

LoydX-mas4097d ago

Do they include a 30 year payment plan with these things?

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