PS3 vs. Xbox 360: Which Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood version looks best?

Cynamite presents a graphic comparison between the ps3 and xbox 360 version of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Jump and check the shot by shot comparison.

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DasBunker2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

you can enjoy both the same, your point google translate crappy website?

zootang2925d ago

PS3 version with the exclusive content for me.

Arup022925d ago

True, the point of the game is to enjoy it. this always end up the same way: Fanboy war.

Terror_B2925d ago

Who cares? the Ps3 fans on the site should care since all they talk about is graphics.

LilMissGoddess2924d ago

until its ANOTHER multiplatform game that performs and looks worse on their system of choice.

they have the most double standards of any fanboy group. exclusive dlc is now ok with this same group that cried, bitched, and screamed when ms was doing it more often, now its a good thing, go figure.

maxcer2924d ago

@ LilMissGoddess

lol u got 9 disagrees but no explanation as to why you were wrong.

Gilliand2924d ago

Apparently I am being summoned to explain my disagree.

He said that there was a fanboy group worse than others. IMO all fanboys are massive annoying hypocrites, that constantly bicker over some proper noun against a group that likes a different proper noun.

Pretty damn annoying if you ask me, no matter if they defend my plastic devices of choice.

Dave13512924d ago

get back in the kitchen

AngryTypingGuy2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Terror_B and LilMissGoddess are exactly right. Multiplatform graphics never matter (you know since they're almost always better on the 360).

The people who comment on this website are great. Sony will get praised for doing the exact same things that MS is condemned for. This is why I'm glad that Sony isn't at the top of the industry anymore. Not because I have anything against the hard working people at Sony who put out great products, but because the fanboys are indeed the worst, and Microsoft's success drives them nuts.

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frostypants2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Indoor scenes look better for their 360 shots. Outdoor scenes look better for their PS3 shots.

But any difference could be eliminated by adjusting the TV settings.

These comparisons are meaningless.

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raztad2925d ago

Is it true PS3 version is getting some additional content?

TronEOL2925d ago

Yes, it's already on the PSN if that's what you're talking about. Not to mention it's free.

raztad2923d ago

Thank you man. Sounds nice.

[email protected] bellow. U mad?

LilMissGoddess2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

and you know what's funny raz? i don't see a bunch of xbox fanboys crying over it like YOU and ya sony brigade did when it was this way for the 360 and ms.

funny how that works huh? whats even funnier is the sony camp on here brag about how they are "more mature" than the "xbots" lmfao. i didn't know being a hypocrite equalled maturity.

i have both consoles and i have for well over a yr now. i'll get this game for my ps3 because i like its controller for this type of game slightly more. nothing else.

i beat ac2 on the ps3 after i owned it for my 360 because of the controller, and because it was the only game that i ever had that got "corrupt saved data". so i completed it on ps3, but i got to tell ya, the screen tearing was an awful bitch in the ps3 version of that, and also the frame rate would drop, and the game would freeze for a second at times.

performance, in my opinion is a lot more to me than extra content. im hoping like hell that this game doesn't perfom as bad as ac2 did on the ps3.

the extra content to me is just that EXTRA.

edit- of course 2 disagrees form the sony fanboy camp on n4g, and not ONE response with any kind of "rebuttle" all i said was TRUE, but keep on being hypocrites and lying to yourselves and others on here about some multiplats for the ps3.

i got the trophies to prove my statement, and i am glad i don't live in delusion land like most of you.

sdtarm2924d ago

dude WTH, he was just doin a question, this wall of text u just wrote shows how ridiculous and butt-hurt you r cuz of it,

Ares84PS32924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

You don't own a PS3. Don't pretend you do. You just own a 360 and want to bash on the PS3.

If you think you are so mature than why are you getting into this whole 360vsPS3 stuff?? Why are you trying to convince the "fanboys" that you are right? If you would be mature enough you wouldn't gave a damn about the whole story.

Also if you must know 360 owners gave a lot of crap to PS3 owners when the PS3 was released and a year and a half after that as well. But fanboys will be fanboys and fight a war that only exists on the internet.

As for graphics, I think everyone likes nice graphics no matter what platform but a true gamer is more concerned with gameplay not with pixel counting.

Also it has been proven that the PS3 is capable of more than the 360 with games such as Uncharted 1 and 2, Killzone 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5. Why are we keep on talking about 360power vs PS3power?? it's the devs who program a game for the 360 first and than port it to the PS3, no wonder it will look worst on the PS3. I thought everyone knew that by now. Some developers are not talented enough or don't have the resources to completely utilize the PS3. If they wanted to do that they would have needed much more time and money.

WetN00dle692924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I love my PS3 and 360.
And to be quite honest, there isnt much difference between both versions!

KotC2924d ago

LilMissGoddess does infact own a PS3

Achemki2924d ago

I disagreed with you just cuz you went super-saiyan postal on everyone over an irrelevant disagree tab, right after preaching about maturity & hypocrites. lol

jack_burt0n2924d ago

I recognise that account lmao.

BubloZX2924d ago

this is why women should stick to wii and Kinect

Gobstoper2924d ago

Are you crying about other people crying. ALL fanboys need to get a life

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Eazy-Eman2925d ago

yeah really.......who cares?

gillri2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

who keeps on approving these websites!?

sees Google uberwhatever..........closes window

Masterchef20072925d ago

They look almost identical so the real question is would you trade free downloadable content for almost identical graphics?

ELite_Ghost2925d ago

i'm just happy the ps3 version is much better looking than AC2.

Even ign said so (although I h8 them :P)