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Submitted by NJShadow 1908d ago | news

Official Sony Listing Calls PS3 Camera the ‘Eye 2′

"For awhile there’s been speculation surrounding the most recent iterations of the PlayStation Eye. Many users have noted that the overall visual quality has improved, and that they’re old PSEye cameras just didn’t work as well with the Move. Well, if this listing is anything to go by, we now know why." (Playstation Eye, PS3, Sony)

Nitrowolf2  +   1908d ago
Interesting, i saw a patent a while ago about Sony doing some sort of Kinect thing i will post later
ftwrthtx   1908d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(7)
blumatt  +   1908d ago
I'm pretty sure...
... the Eye 2 is just referring to the fact that it's the successor to the EyeToy. If Sony was going to release a new Eye it would have done so when Move launched and would have packed it in with the Move bundles. They wouldn't wait until after the Move launched to come out with a new Eye camera. lol That would be dumb.
NJShadow  +   1908d ago
To my knowledge, the PSEye branding is completely different from the Eyetoy. I don't see why they would have to use '2' anyway, unless there was a PSEYE 2.
blumatt  +   1908d ago
@ NJ Shadow
Sony will NOT come out with another PS Eye until the PS4 comes out. They're not like MS who shits on their consumers by releasing the Vision camera and then a few years later, oh, let's release ANOTHER camera, the Kinect for $150, a hundred and fifty bucks!!, which is a completely ridiculous price.
MELMAN26  +   1908d ago
I am so sick of this "Kinect is more expensive than the Move".

Lets do some math:

Currently all you need to buy is one Kinect sensor (comes with one game and 3 demos) and it recongnizes up to 6 different people and lets two people play at once, you don't need to buy anything else.

With the move you have to spend $100 for the bundle (one controller, Pseye, 1 game) if I want to enjoy the full experience of the games I have to buy a second controller at the cost of $50, if I want to play with one friend I have to buy that $50 controller as well, so that's already $150 which is the cost of the Kinect (not including tax) now if I want a sub controller that is an extra $30 each. If I want to play move with 4 people at once i need to buy 2 more move controllers at $50 you tell me which is more expensive..........don't worry I will wait.

1) Ps move bundle = $100
2) Full experience of move games = $150
3) 2 people at once = $150
4) 3 people = 200
5) 4 people = 250
6) Any sub controller = $30

That is almost like if I sold you a car but the seats are sold separately at half the the end the Move cost more.

Lol...if you disagree, back your sh@t up, don't click and run.
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BrianG  +   1908d ago
@ Above

Kinect only supports 2 players at a time. So it is unfair to compare the prices of 4 moves to 1 kinect.

Also, since when was it a huge deal to play with friends and family in the same room on the same console? It was never that important for me.

Move is like saying you have to buy another dualshock to play regular games with another person in the room, seeing how they are both 50 dollars.

by you logic, 4 people for kinect is 300 dollars. Since with Move 4 people have to play at once, and not switch turns like Kinect.
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Rybnik  +   1908d ago
Adding to BrianG's already excellent points, the $250 extra that you say is necessary for a "complete" move experience you are going to have to spend anyway (monthly) since your apartment has to have a big enough living room to handle the oh so 'amazing' Kinect
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UnwanteDreamz  +   1908d ago
Move cost me the price of one controller to try the tech at home. I had a cam and there were free demos. Your argumentfails cause you can't do the same with Kinect. 150$ no if ands or buts. If Move never gets supported well I'm only out 50$ not a single person who buys Kinect can say that.
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MELMAN26  +   1908d ago
First of all you have a couple of things wrong, I never said that Kinect let you play four players at a time, I also never said that you had to have friends or family over to enjoy either, but what about the millions of people (like myself) who constantly have friends and family over that love to play video games.

Second, do you have a psmove? I do, I like to get the best out of my gaming experience, and in order to get that with move games you need 2 move controllers, so that it can track both hands (motion sports is the best example of this). Also if I want to play my hardcore games with move I cannot do that with one controller. If you have a ps move lets wait a couple of months then tell me how much you spent on it, I bet you well have spent $150 or more on it when it all said and done.

@unwanted dreams
Who the f#$* had a pseye already?? Maybe about 10%-15% of ps3 users?? Also since you already had a pseye which (before the move came out) was about $40-$50 you really spent about $90-$100 to try out the tech.

We all already know that microsoft is going to support the Kinect to the fullest so I'm not worried about an eyetoy situation.

since you want to get :o) Not entirely true in my situation, I have enough space in my place, in fact I did a little shopping around a month ago and the smaller places in my radius is more expensive than the deal I have at my place now unless I move back to the ghetto and that ain't happening.
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Biggest  +   1908d ago
You have friends over that love to play video games. Why do they want to play Kinect? You have dancer friends? Would make more sense to go dance. You have yoga friends? Would make more sense to be in a yoga class. People who were waiting for a more active video game experience in the form of physical activity went outside years ago.

Why do you need two Move controllers to fully enjoy Move games? Do you need two table tennis paddles? Do you need two guns for Time Crisis? Do you need an extra controller to fight off a crazed "pharmacist"? Do you need extra controllers to control blocks in "Totally Not Jenga!"? Can you dual-wield in a tactical shooter?

I had a PSEye soon after it was released. I knew that for $30 I could lose my 3yr old daughter and her friends in front of a party game collection. If it had cost $150 she and her friends would be playing Chutes & Ladders.

We don't know that Microsoft will support Kinect to the fullest. We know they'll market it to the fullest. We also know that if it doesn't perform the way the marketing push was built, they will drop it like a bad habit. The Xbox, Kin, and Vista can attest to that. Am I wrong, MELMAN26?

Edit: Yes, I was one of your disagrees. Don't click and run. Respond.
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bananlol  +   1908d ago
Everyone can play with numbers.
dragon82  +   1908d ago
One player Move set up:
PS Move bundle - $100

Two player Move set up:
PS Move Bundle - $100
PS Move Controller - $50

Three player Move set up:
PS Move Bundle - $100
PS Move Controller - $50
PS Move Controller - $50

Four player Move set up:
PS Move Bundle - $100
PS Move Controller - $50
PS Move Controller - $50
PS Move Controller - $50

One player Kinect set up:
Kinect - $150

Two player Kinect set up:
Kinect - $150

Three player Kinect set up:
Kinect - $150
Kinect - $150

Four player kinect set up:
Kinect - $150
Kinect - $150

Everything else is not required and is considered optional equipment. Based on the numbers it is cheaper to purchase PS MOVE for 1,3 and 4 players. They cost the same for 2 players. Of course that does not take into account that you will need a second Xbox and tv to play Kinect with 4 players.
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MELMAN26  +   1908d ago
@biggest and the rest
Me, click and run???

Now to answer YOUR questions:
Yes I do have friends that come over and play video games (male and female). Sometime is a Call of Duty session, sometimes its a battle to see "who still has it" in Tekken, actually for a couple of day's it was who was the best at Move table tennis, but for the past 2 weeks, it has it has been all Kinect (I didn't think this would happen) specifically Dance Central and Kinect sports. Two of my friends actually brought their kids over to try it out, so he can see if they would enjoy it WITH him if he bought it for Christmas as a family gift.

No I do not need 2 move controllers for the full experience of the games that YOU mention specifically, but for the gladiator game yes (shield and sword), for The Fight YES (cant imagine trying to play that with one hand), volleyball YES, socom 4 YES (sub controller), I can keep going but who knows what else is coming out or what games will support the move in the future.

And lastly they are not going to have a choice but to support the Kinect, its already selling well, but wait till after Christmas, on top of that what many of you fail to realize is that Kinect is a really good product and it actually works really well (didn't know until I tried it) which is another reason that they are going to continue to support it, lets not be fanboys here, give credit where its due. Move improved on the wiimote and Kinect improved on the PSeye.

So there is you click and respond, please be unbiased in your response if you have one.

Not playing with numbers these are actual cost and realistic senarios although there not many people who play 4 at once, its real. Dragon is the one playing with numbers.

First I never said 4 people can play Kinect at once, not many people do that nowadays anyway. You are missing my point, one of the biggest gripes is the cost, when realistically they cost about the same (minus or add a few bucks).
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acky1  +   1908d ago
Depends what you want...

2 player of 'the fight lights out' would cost £50 for starter bundle, then either 1 extra controller, +£35, or 3 extra controllers, +£105, for best experience = £155 for 4 controllers(best experience). But then who would buy 'the fight' since its apparently crap...

Then other 2 player games might need another move controller plus 2 subcontrollers (could use ds3) £50 + £35 + £25 + £25 = £135. But who would use their ds3 cos that would definitely be crap....

Point is Move gives you loads of options for what you want. Could end up costing more or could end up less.

Kinect will cost you £130 regardless of what you want.
Unknow_Master  +   1908d ago
''Sony will NOT come out with another PS Eye until the PS4 comes out. They're not like MS who shits on their consumers by releasing the Vision camera and then a few years later, oh, let's release ANOTHER camera, the Kinect for $150, a hundred and fifty bucks!!, which is a completely ridiculous price. ''

come explain dual shock3/sixaxis

explain HD version of a 5 years game so that you can enjoy instead of releasing the ps2 firmware on ps3(btw it IS milking)

and ps move is way more expansive thann kinect
kinect is 150 while the wiiripoff is can go past 150 for 1 player and you have to buy a game for that .
come to think of it, if the wii is cheap and not in competition why whould you do a ripoff of that.
dragon82  +   1908d ago
First I never said 4 people can play Kinect at once, not many people do that nowadays anyway. You are missing my point, one of the biggest gripes is the cost, when realistically they cost about the same (minus or add a few bucks). "

Stop being so damn defensive. I never said you did. All I did was respond to your figures with some that were a little more clear. They show that Kinect is only cheaper for 2 players otherwise its cheaper to get Move.
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AAACE5  +   1908d ago
Still delusional huh?

In reguards to your comment... "Sony will NOT come out with another PS Eye until the PS4 comes out. They're not like MS who shits on their consumers by releasing the Vision camera and then a few years later, oh, let's release ANOTHER camera, the Kinect for $150, a hundred and fifty bucks!!, which is a completely ridiculous price."

Remember that Six Axis controller that launched with Ps3 that was their entry into motion gaming? Then they came out with DS 3 controllers. Now they have the Move!

You guys have bought 3 different controllers in 4 years! And don't say you haven't because as much of a fanboy as you are, you were there from the launch and will probably buy anything with Sony on it... You probably have one of their Walkman Mp3 players as well!
wsoutlaw87  +   1908d ago
haha i just can not picture 2 guys playing dance central together.
Weaksauce1138  +   1908d ago
Above 2 player kinect games, the players just take turns so your math is fail
Cenobia  +   1907d ago
But Sixaxis controllers still work on all recent games. I didn't HAVE to buy a new controller to replace the one that came with my PS3. is buying those 'play & charge' kits going for you? It blows my mind that MS would release a new controller without a lithium-ion rechargeable battery built in.
Coffin87  +   1908d ago
@ #1 Nitrowolf2
You mean like ... EYETOY?!?
Stupid kid.
Stupid, stupid kid.
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   1908d ago
Eye Toy appears after Kinect in that video, therefore Sony copied MS. And Kinect is more fun: people are laughing more playing it.

beardpapa  +   1907d ago
you know it's interesting when you guys say kinect supports up to 4 players. So far, from what we've seen on youtube, Kinect + 2 players already involves physical accidents. I can't imagine how 4 players would be like. Might as well start a fight club.
zeddy  +   1907d ago
wait a sec isnt kinect eyetoy 2?
Claudinho69  +   1908d ago
koo we get kinect for cheaper
blackburn5  +   1908d ago
It would be nice to get a new PSEYE if it has new and advanced features features and enhances our over all Move experience. But it would be strange if they release it right after they already sold you the PSEYE and Move together. Free upgrade maybe? Future PSEYE successor? I know that trolls will jump to say 'Emergecy plan if Kinect happens to succeed'. Unlikely. PS4's PSEYE? Nah. Couldn't be.
Ju  +   1908d ago
Such a thing wouldn't change the Move experience. In combination with Move controllers, the current PS Eye is completely sufficient.

However, for controller less games, or augmented reality games, a better camera would be very much appreciated. Body tracking in low light situation is a problem of the current eye. Low light currently produces too much "noise" and requires some sophisticated algorithms to filter that out. I think this is the main problem of the current camera.

Also, I would think, a new camera upgrade only can be transparent for current games (incl. Move). It would just add increased precision for games that need it. Head tracking for example could simply recognize the camera - but from an API standpoint wouldn't change how it works. Upgrade the camera and get better response - for pure optical image recognition or games which rely on that - mainly current or next gen Eye(Toy) games.
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Umbrella Corp  +   1908d ago
Sony is always stepping up thier game even when its unnecesary :D
user8397144  +   1908d ago
If sony does this than they screwing alot of people. Why? because they should have released it with the ps move.
#5 (Edited 1908d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NJShadow  +   1908d ago
If you read the full article, it's pretty clear that that's what they did. Different model numbers, better response, etc. So I'd say tons of people are already using it.
user8397144  +   1908d ago
Thank you for the info.
Ju  +   1908d ago
I have an older Eye and one which came with the Move starter bundle. I can't really say they are any different. I will go take a look ASAP I am home. But if it's improved, then not by a lot.
blackburn5  +   1908d ago
Oh. Okay. So they are already shipping new models of PSEYE. I see. Sorry should have read the article
mcstorm  +   1908d ago
Lol love how people bring MS and kinect into this. Both Sony and MS have done some things they should not of they are companys that's what they do. Ps3 had backwards play removed from it less USB ports and card readers other os did not inc as in orignal controller. Now offer a paid service for psn. MS charge for Xbox live had the rrod problem n the cam that had no support. Who really gives a s*** there both out to make money and out do each other that's why this Gen has been far better than the last Gen for quality games and services.
Masterchef2007  +   1908d ago
Mike134nl  +   1908d ago
companies really shouldn't confuse potential buyers too much. This will not mean that people already owning a pseye1 need to buy a pseye 2.
Tony-A  +   1908d ago
Sony considers the PlayStation Eye to be a "successor to the EyeToy". I'm guessing EyeToy successor would be "Eye 2".... no?
jay2  +   1908d ago
Intresting stuff here.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1908d ago
"Eye 2... Fire up the converters!"

*whistle* *beeps*
madpuppy  +   1908d ago
That was a good one!!
a bubble and and agree I shall give you!
Aghashie  +   1908d ago
My camera works fine!
I already owned a PS3 camera way before tho Move was in the horizon. Mainly for video chat purposes. When Move was out i buy one motion and the sports game... 30 minutes later i return to the store and buy another 3 motion and 2 navigation controllers. And so far my "old" PS3 camera is working fine w the move. Recently i get a copy of "Get Fit With Mel B" (mostly just for compulsion to expand my already "collector size" PS3 library) and still my "old" camera works fine recognizing my body movement and tracking the move controller. I dont see the point Sony upgrading the camera. :)
maxcer  +   1907d ago
prolly for a new slew of game that will only work with this
Chevalier  +   1908d ago
You know the funny thing is Move wasn't expensive for me, my friends all have their own Move controllers and guess what we just all bring ours over to each others place to play together so I only need the one, so it's not actually expensive if you have a bunch of friends playing, you can just share. I know shocking concept, sharing wtf? Right? Yeah just crazy.
jack who  +   1908d ago
so now we have to run out and buy another eyetoy camera cause the old one isnt working good nuff?

oh sony
#15 (Edited 1908d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
SpinalRemains138  +   1908d ago
Its the exact same device that's been made since 06

PS2 = Eyetoy
PS3 = PS Eye

they're 2 seperate devices, but the Eye for PS3 is the same now as it was in 06.

jerethdagryphon  +   1908d ago
who hijacked the comments its not about price but a potential upgrade to the eye, i get crap resolution and crap tracking, i have an old pseye

if theres a chance that updated sensors in it changed things im sold ill trade in my current and go for it
IRetrouk  +   1908d ago
if anybody actally read the article they would realise that its the second eye to be auctioned, not a new version, geesh peps f..kin read.
tigerstyle  +   1908d ago
Its coming people...
why do you think no PsMove games r coming out? Its a new bundle; the MOVE and NEW DUAL camera for around $120.
This is too much win for me to handle. Hopefully this is true.

zero_cool  +   1908d ago
PlayStation Move vs Light
See for yourselves...
BubloZX  +   1908d ago
Why the fuck
You gotta post 3 times? We got it the first time.
#20.1 (Edited 1908d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
zero_cool  +   1908d ago
PlayStation Move Vs Pointing
see for yourselves....
zero_cool  +   1908d ago
PlayStation Move Vs Calibration
see for yourselves....
condorstrike  +   1908d ago
PS3 Hands-free....
don't know if this has been posted yet, but here you guys go:

even Sony wants to get into the hands-free, if i was a fanboy I would say eat your words Sony fanboys, but since I love the Ps3 as much as my 360, then I say F@#$ yeah, that would be cool and more advanced than Kinect....:)
Lawliet  +   1908d ago
It has been posted. I don't know why would they eat their word.. This is none other then just more choices to be available for the gamers and developers. If the developer made a game for Kinect, that game can just easily be ported to PS3. Just as simple as that.

The sketch however can be anything. It could just be so for more available players in a game, or it could be a cam that is possible to detect you from any angle. OR it could be something even bigger like making an area of demographic gaming.
Lawliet  +   1908d ago
Just like what I said before. With just a little tweak here and there. The newly integrated Eyetoy can easily manipulate the same effect of what Kinect could accomplish. The Kinect games could then be ported to increase Sony's arsenal..

Microsoft biggest mistake is that they claim themselves to be different,showcasing Kinect as a new revolution to gaming. They dug their grave, as their Motto "Never had to play using controller, You are the controller" will eventually set a heavy limitation for developers. Soon Microsoft might have to find an alternative, and they'll make peripherals like the Wii skateboard, driving wheels rackets or even the MOVE wand... Things will get really ugly then for not keeping their promises.
TwistedMetal  +   1907d ago
with kinect you have to also buy a 60 dollar live subscription as you need XBL to get updates for kinect so kinect is now 150+ 60 a year madatory fee to get the full experience. Not only that but move you can sit down, move is more percise, move is hardcore, move doesnt require a huge gym to play.
chasegarcia  +   1907d ago
off topic
I hate a lot of things that happen this generation. All 3 gaming companies pissed me off. Microsoft with rrod,dvd drive,& xbox live. Nintendo with gamecube 2.0 and Sony removing features like usb, card reader, and linux. Funny I bought all 3 consoles. Sold 2 and would have sold the third if it wasent for Gran Turismo.
#26 (Edited 1907d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply

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