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dkblackhawk502585d ago

This game is epicly fun, reminds me of burnout paradise :D

jazzking20012585d ago

the best burnout is takedown

Si-Fly2584d ago

Preferred Burnout 2! This reminds me more of a cross between an earlier Burnout and NFS hp2, it's gonna do me until GT5 then I'll see if it's worth keeping or not.0

SoapShoes2585d ago

I love the Hot Pursuit games but as I have limited funds I have to push this aside till later for Gran Turismo 5.

BeAGamer2585d ago

same here, rather save my $ for GT5

CovertGunman2585d ago

Gotta love good ol' Need For Speed. This one definitely looks like it could be a winner.

shepowy2585d ago

Is Need For Speed back with a vengeance? hells yeah it is :)

Kaneda2584d ago

I thought the demo was boring...

Si-Fly2584d ago

Let me guess, you couldn't beat your friends times ... ;)

Kaneda2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

SP.. chasing racers and bumping their rear.... I don't think that fun...

Si-Fly2584d ago

You shouldve got a friend to download it, that unlocked the Racers event which was really fun! Had some serious competition over times with my friends list, looking forward to the full game.

STONEY42584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

I thought the cop part was pretty lame (really, the hollywood-music ruins it), but the racers part... oh, that gave me sooo many memories of Hot Pursuit 2, it was perfect. The music too :D

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