TimeSplitters 4 Confirmed including new footage of Haze

Free Radical has just confirmed TimeSplitters 4 to be in development but there has been no designated platform announcements yet. They also show a new footage of Haze, which was recently confirmed a PS3 exclusive.

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TriggerHappy3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Finally, an announcement. With Haze finally coming to a close, i guess it was only right for them to make this announcement now.

I get a disagree for making a non-biased comment ?...Ok

resistance1003999d ago

its been confirmed for months

Free Radical have had an advert for months on gamesindustry stating they are looking for developers to help with HAZE, timesplitters 4 and a new star wars project

masterg3999d ago

I saw this video on here last week.

Presidentjr3999d ago

This is certainly good news. Hoping it comes to all PS3 and 360 and maybe the PC

The Karate Kid3999d ago

If they havent announced a designated platform then it probably will be PS3 exclusive. Especially if Haze sell over a Million copies.

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The story is too old to be commented.