Celebrities love PS3 , find 'RFoM' hard to resist

Maybe you heard that the romantic stars of Disney's "High School Musical" movies are dating in real life. What you don't know is they love to play PlayStation 3's suspenseful "Resistance: Fall of Man" together.

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ShiftyLookingCow4036d ago

Resistance doesn't deserve celebrities who sound not a little brain dead(don't remind me of 360 launch on MTV) nor the 3/4(75% wtf) score given to it in the end.

timmyp534036d ago

damn that launch title is still going strong. Resistance in the morning warhawk at night.

felidae4036d ago

and i say it again: Resistance is PS3's Halo.

very nice game.

BloodySinner4036d ago

If it was PS3's Halo, most Halo fans would of bought a PS3.

TriggerHappy4036d ago

Imagine if Killzone 2 is able to be as great as RFoM was or even better, then what would it become for the PS3 ?

Daishi4035d ago

IMO Socom is Sony's Halo. I played Socom long before Halo and it has by far more loyal and hardcore fans than Killzone or RFoM. The new one should be no different.

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Leg-End4036d ago

the second one will be as good as halo 2.

Maddens Raiders4036d ago

Resistance is / was a LAUNCH masterpiece. Thanks Insomniac and can't wait to play Rise of Man and R&CF:TOD. I don't need some hollow celebs telling me how good the game is, just play it and if you have an honest bone in your body, you'll see for yourself. Insomniac overacheived - and delivered.

TheExecutive4036d ago

I agree. Its hard to find a better launch title than resistance.

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