Your next iPhone or Wii could be made in Vietnam

On Friday, the world's largest contract maker of electronics, including Apple's iPhones and iPods and Nintendo's Wii, announced that in the first half of this year its after-tax profits were up 32% year-on-year to NT$31.26 billion ($944.4 million). Net income rose 18% to NT$15.6 billion. Analysts had, however, expected an even better performance. The mean estimate of six analysts compiled by Bloomberg had profits hitting NT$16.7 billion.

But its earnings translate into a net EPS (earnings per share) of NT$4.97 for the first half, which is the company's highest EPS ever for an interim period. And it's continuing its effort to diversify its plant operations as a way to ensure it stays in the lowest-cost, most efficient manufacturing areas. China may be it now, but will Vietnam be the future?

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TriggerHappy4097d ago

I don't care where the next iphone is made, so far as is going to have even better features than the current one, thats good enough for me.

Captain Tuttle4097d ago

As long as it's more reliable than my 360.

ktchong4097d ago

Made in China... in Vietnam... there's really no difference for us.

cooke154097d ago

As long as it works im happy

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