Donkey Kong Country 4? Rare wants Wii Virtual Console sequel

Rare's answer to a reader asking about a real Donkey Kong sequel on the Wii Virtual Console was:

"As for VC, it's ultimately Nintendo's decision what gets released. Beyond the [three] DKC games we don't have anything in the pipeline at the moment, but that doesn't mean it won't happen in future."

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Omegasyde4000d ago

Not to sound ignorant but doesn't rare just make 360 games because of a deal?

iceice1234000d ago

Viva pinita is coming to the DS, so I could see this.

Daewoodrow4000d ago

Microsoft do have a deal with Rare, but they were unable to secure the rights to a few games, including the DK series. Nintendo still own the rights to DK.

TheSadTruth4000d ago

it isn't just a deal, Microsoft OWNS Rare now, they are a part of Microsoft Game Studios, just like Bungie is

I'm 99% sure of this

SorenK4000d ago

The title of this message is (depressingly) misleading.

Rare's response seems to be an issue of DK fans (of which I am definitely one) wanting a sequel, not Rare.

Spartacus4000d ago

It's not the fans wanting a 2d sequel, it's Nintendo. Rare's saying if Nintendo approached them and said that they wanted Rare to make a DKC4 on the DS/WiiWare, then it's a possibility. So, until Nintendo requests Rare to make it, it's not happening. (Besides, even though Rare is a first party developer to Microsoft, Microsoft said that they're going after a difference audience than Nintendo.)

Personally, I want a new 2d game, but I also want Rare to try a 3d DK game again. DK64 was fun, but there was too much collecting.

djt234000d ago

Rare just want to create games for nintendo not no MS
they want to make some new DK country and new DK 3d game
let them make so i could be happy

ChickeyCantor4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

i don't get it, Nintendo knows what to do with platform games and they could make a kick @ss DK game, Nintendo has the power to make it as good as the first 3 or even better.

If rare makes it its nothing but awesome, but Nintendo could do it too >_> i never liked the n64 title....i still love DKC2 it was the best from the bad there hasn't been made one in a long time.

O and rare is owned by MS it wouldn't hurt them to make a DS game, there is no competition when it comes down to handhelds.

vidoardes4000d ago

Thsi is total BS. That comment was made in response to someone asking about Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark appearing on the VC and Rare are owned by Microsoft. I doubt the would allow a game to be exclusivly devloped for a competitor and I can't see DK working on any other console. This is a very, very badly edited article.