Rumor: Marvel vs. Capcom 3 roster list revealed

Original Gamer: "New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters have been announced today, She-Hulk and Zero, along with 2 DLC characters that were leaked from Gamestop, Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath. Now, a full roster list has popped up for the game."

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harlem_v12868d ago

It's a tough one to totally dismiss.

GamingBuddha092868d ago

seems plausible, kinda strange that they are going with RE5 Jill and not with Seva

LightSamus2868d ago

Does anyone actually like Sheva though?

JacobIsHollywood2868d ago

Pretty much only want to play as Dante, Dead Pool, Viewtiful Joe, and Amaterasu...

Optical_Matrix2868d ago

Personally, I find the lack of Rockman disgusting.

Igneel2868d ago

They'll probably release him as DLC aswell and make us pay an additional 10$ to unlock him.

RockmanII72867d ago

I could see that happening, but not at that price

Lyr1c2868d ago

It's ridiculous. Unfathomable even.

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The story is too old to be commented.